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Lviv mayor compromises in garbage conflict with president

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi reached a compromise on June 23 with the Presidential Administration that has begun to resolve the conflict over Lviv city’s garbage disposal. Sadovyi told a press briefing that he has agreed to what he described as an “ultimatum” by the regional administration head who demanded that his governing body handle the city’s garbage disposal. The regional administration is the local representative of the Presidential Administration.


On June 24, Savodyi’s closest advisor and head of the Self-Reliance parliamentary faction, Oleh Bereziuk, announced he and another MP were ending their hunger strike at the Presidential Administration, which began June 19. The same morning, Oksana Syroyid, the deputy speaker of parliament, was hospitalized after joining the hunger strike on June 20.


As of 18:00 June 23, 270 tons of garbage were removed from Lviv out of a total of 11,900 tons, according to the deputy city head of utilities and maintenance. 110 neighborhood garbage disposals were cleaned the next day, reported Ukraine’s deputy prime minister for regional development. Last week, Sadovyi published 229 rejections by local governments from accepting his city’s garbage, as evidence that the president’s team was working to sabotage his efforts and damage his poll ratings.


Zenon Zawada: The Lviv garbage fiasco has been just as much an embarrassment to the Presidential Administration as it has been for Lviv’s mayor, if not more so. Instead of solving basic problems and uniting the country during a time of war, the president has been repressing political rivals and harming Ukraine’s image internationally with the garbage fiasco. If this conflict continues, it will continue to damage not only both parties involved, but Ukraine’s image as well.


Regarding Sadovyi’s prospects in the 2019 election, we never viewed him as a presidential contender, even before the garbage fiasco. However, his Self-Reliance party remains a competitor for parliament and the party’s political response in this conflict helped preserve its public standing.

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