Daily News

  • Stirol (STIR ? BUY) To Distribute 23% Of 2004 Net Income As Dividends

    The dividend per share will be USD 0.71, providing a dividend yield of USD 4.3%. The remainder of net income will be used to fund capacity development. The company?s net income totaled USD79.9mn last year, a 117% increase yoy, due to favorable market conditions for nitrogen fertilizers worldwide. Net revenues grew by 43%.

  • Ukraine To Increase Nuclear Power Production

    The Fuel and Energy Ministry and the Energoatom Nuclear Generation Company presented the Cabinet a draft strategy on nuclear sector development until 2030. The plan would put 11 new reactors online by 2030 and prolong the term of safe operation for acting nuclear reactors.

  • April Inflation Slows To 0.7%

    The slowdown resulted in a 5.1% YTD rate. In March, consumer prices grew by 1.6%, while producer prices accelerated to 2.5% in April (1.9% in March) and totaled 7.5% YTD

  • Nikopol Ferroalloy (NFER) Conflict Goes To The Top

    Viktor Pinchuk, Interpipe?s key owner, said he will seek a meeting with Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko to clarify the conflict surrounding the Nikopol Ferroalloy plant. The dispute is over a 50%+1 stake Interpipe purchased in the plant at privatization tenders in 2003, in two blocks. Interpipe Group now holds a 73% stake in NFER, while a blocking stake of 27% is held by Privat Group

  • Lysychansk Refinery Repairs Extended Until End Of May

    The repairs at the Lysychansk (LiNOS) refinery are allegedly to fix equipment damage suffered during an accident on April 22. The refinery stopped work even earlier, on April 11, to carry out regular maintenance. Initially, resumption of the refinery?s operations was planned for May 11.

  • ZAZ Net Revenues Rose By 95% In 2004 To USD 822 Mn

    The company?s net income increased by 153% to USD 107.3mn

  • Hidrosyla Increases Net Revenues By 40.1% To USD 25.9 Mn In 2004

    Net income grew by 350% to USD 0.48mn. The company specializes in producing hydraulic equipment for tractors and agricultural machines. In 2005, it plans to invest USD 2.8mn in capacity development. 75.9% of Hidrosyla belongs to Hidrocomplekt, 4.4% to Market-Karyera and 5.05% is owned by the company?s CEO.

  • KrasAir Orders First Shipment Of An-148

    The Russian airline will lease 15 Antonov-148 planes for over USD 200 mn. A total of 10 planes will be delivered for 10 years starting in 2006-07. Russian airlines use outdated Tu-134 and Yak-42 for regional transportation, which have become inefficient due to rising fuel prices. Production of the planes will be conducted at the Aviant plant in Kiev and the Voronezh aviation plant in Russia