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Putin suggests agreement on EU proposal on UN peacekeepers in Donbas

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced he is willing to accept German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s proposal that UN peacekeepers be situated not only along the conflict line, but in other regions of the conflict zone. “Ensuring the protection of OSCE monitors by the UN can occur not only along the conflict line after the withdrawal of forces and arms by both sides, but in other areas where the OSCE special monitoring mission is conducting its inspections according to the Minsk program,” the Kremlin press service said on its website on Sept. 11.


This morning, the tass.ru news site reported that Russia has prepared a UN Security Council resolution in which it supports an armed UN peacekeeping mission to protect OSCE monitors after the full withdrawal of forces and arms from the conflict line for six months, with the mission head reporting directly to the secretary general.


Zenon Zawada: A step towards compromise is always positive, but skepticism is warranted given similar attempts in the past that didn’t work out. Ultimately, we don’t think Putin wants a peacekeeping mission in Donbas because it restricts his ability to use the conflict to achieve his geopolitical goals in Ukraine, which is to bring the territory back under Russian control. We believe Putin sees hope in gaining a strong presence in the Ukrainian parliament in the 2019 elections so we don’t expect any compromise with the West before then.
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