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Ukraine authorities visit Saakashvili to deliver notice for law violation

Ukrainian law enforcement authorities visited the hotel of former Odesa regional administration head Mikheil Saakashvili in Lviv this morning, a member of his political party reported on Facebook. They will hand him a notice of his violation of the law on Sept. 10, the report said. Also this morning, Saakashvili ally David Sakvarelidze wrote on his Facebook that the Ukrainian government is conducting “repressions and mass arrests” of those who supported Saakashvili’s illegal crossing of the border. He identified two activists who have been arrested. “We warn the government and call upon its representatives to immediately cease its political repressions because all this will undoubtedly end very badly, as it was for predecessors,” he said.


About 60 people illegally crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border on Sept. 10, the State Migration Service reported the next day. Notices have been issued for six of them and submitted to court. Another nine notices are being prepared, which includes journalists, the service said. On Sept. 10, Saakashvili, aided by dozens of agitators and provocateurs, illegally crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border after he was deprived of Ukrainian citizenship in July.


Zenon Zawada: In depriving Saakashvili of his citizenship, Poroshenko created a giant mess that has turned into a political chess match. With his border crossing theatrics, Saakashvili has been playing upon the Ukrainian public’s pent up discontent with Poroshenko, which the president could have ignited had he used violent measures at the border crossing. At the same time, Poroshenko can’t allow Saakashvili to flaunt the government’s authority. In this ongoing chess match, each side is going to take careful steps to defend their authority and political support among the public, which could easily disintegrate with one false move. The 2019 elections are at stake.
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