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Ukraine deputy defense minister arrested in alleged corruption scheme

Anti-corruption authorities in Ukraine announced on Oct. 11 they arrested Deputy Defense Minister Ihor Pavlovskiy and another defense ministry official for their alleged involvement in a price gouging scheme of fuel purchases. More than UAH 149 mln (USD 5.6 mln) is alleged to have been stolen from the ministry as a result, according to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. Suspects at the company selling the fuel to the defense ministry, including Andriy Adamovskiy, have fled Ukraine, reported the ukranews.com news site, citing anonymous law enforcement sources. MP Oleksandr Hranovskiy, alleged to be involved in the scheme by MP Serhiy Leshchenko, denied any involvement.


Zenon Zawada: The National Anti-Corruption Bureau is continuing to target mid-level officials and politicians in its efforts, which have borne more fruit than any Ukrainian law enforcement body had achieved beforehand or since. We think it’s possible a defense ministry official was targeted to satisfy demands from Western institutions (including the IMF) for arrests and prosecutions of key officials. Yet the anti-corruption bureau has demonstrated its independence and was not necessarily swayed by Western demands. In either case, it’s a positive step in what’s otherwise a large cesspool of ongoing corruption in the defense industry, as exposed by the local media and activist politicians.
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