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April 16 2018
Metinvest shuts down converter at Azovstal for repairs again

It is disappointing that Azovstal is repairing the same converter less than two months...

April 16 2018
Metinvest iron ore concentrate output drops 2% m/m in March

In 1Q18, Metinvest’s attributable output of iron ore concentrate rose 2.4% yoy to 7.98 mmt...

April 16 2018
JKX hydrocarbon output drops 7% yoy in 1Q18

Its Ukrainian assets produced 3,396 boepd, or 13.3% less yoy...

April 16 2018
Syria military escalation won’t affect Donbas fighting, Volker says

The U.S. government doesn’t believe the escalated fighting in Syria will repeat itself in the war-torn Donbas ...

April 13 2018
NBU upgrades end-2018 gross reserves estimate to USD 21.6 bln

The revision brings NBU's reserve estimate much closer to our forecast of USD 21.7 bln...

April 13 2018
Central bank keeps key policy rate unchanged at 17%

It sent a clear signal that only very negative developments in Ukraine-IMF talks regarding the next loan tranche will prompt it to hike...

April 13 2018
Interpipe pipe output rises 26% yoy in 1Q18

Pipe production at Interpipe was 2.18 kt per day in March, a 2.0% m/m increase...

April 13 2018
Latest U.S. sanctions won’t affect Ukraine in short term, NBU official says

The biggest concern for Ukraine from any Western sanctions imposed on Russia is the risk of expanded warfare...

April 12 2018
Metinvest to pay USD 6.5 mln in METINV'21 interest on Apr. 18

This is likely to be the last full-month PIYC payment...

April 12 2018
MHP pays USD 0.75 in DPS, sets record date for April 20

The USD 80 mln annual dividends has been a tradition for MHP since 2016...

April 12 2018
Ukraine cabinet may approve large-privatization list on April 27

The scheduling of the approval is a positive event in itself...

April 12 2018
Ukraine monetary base declines 3% in March

The decline in money supply slowed down to a decrease of 0.1% m/m...

April 12 2018
Ukraine falls in Freedom House rating first time since 2014

Freedom House pointed to corruption and media influence as issues that still face the country...

April 11 2018
Ukraine consumer inflation speeds up to 1.1% growth in March

CPI grew 1.1 m/m in March from 0.9% in Fenbruary, while annual consumer inflation slowed to 13.2% from 14.0% in February...

April 11 2018
Local bond placement raises UAH 0.5 bln for Ukraine state budget

The demand for local bonds on the primary market remains low in April after a fruitful March...

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