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Concorde Capital returned to the corporate governance scene in October 2011 with updated ratings of practices at listed Ukrainian companies, targeted at foreign investors active in Ukrainian equities. Our first report in February 2007 received rave reviews from investors, lawmakers and the companies themselves, and an update was released in May 2008. The overwhelming interest in this topic led us to put together this webpage to inform and educate local companies about the importance and benefits of strong corporate governance practices and assist in implementing them in their own companies.

IR-Online in Ukraine 2013 / In hopes of better weather / February 2014

Concorde Capital presents its second survey of information openness and invertor friendliness of webises of Ukrainian securities issuers «IR-Online in Ukraine – 2013». Despite the attitude of the global investment community to Ukraine have worsened noticeably, Ukrainain companies improved, on average, their IR practices. The upholding of quality standards by Ukrainian companies leaves the chance that our securities markets sooner or later will recover.

Corporate Governance in Ukraine / Not gone with the wind / May 2013

The research team at investment bank Concorde Capital presented the results of its fourth survey of corporate governance standards and practices among Ukrainian publicly traded companies, “Corporate Governance in Ukraine – May 2013.” The goal of the research was to present stock markets players with instruments that can help them better understand corporate governance practices among Ukrainian companies in reaching well-grounded investment decisions.

Investor Relations Online in Ukraine / The Good, the Bad & the Ugly / June 2012

This the first-ever analytical study of the websites of 100 leading Ukrainian companies, including those listed on a stock exchange (foreign and local) and those with bonds (Eurobonds and local bonds). It includes a ranking of websites by investor-friendliness. One of the key findings was that Ukrainian websites were by far more oriented toward customers than investors.

Corporate Governance in Ukraine / Passing go / October 2011

Our new report, released in both English and Russian languages, is still the only report of its kind – a comprehensive and systematic analytical study of the corporate governance practices in Ukrainian companies. This report rated 114 companies, including those listed in London, Warsaw and Frankfurt based on information from public resources, corporate publications, and top-level management. Improvement is evident – the number of top-rated companies doubled compared to 2007, while the number of lowest-rated companies was cut in half.

Corporate Governance in Ukraine / Straightening up to fly right / May 2008

Concorde Capital’s second update on the corporate governance practices in Ukrainian companies. This report covered 175 companies (up from 117 in 2007), encompassing all sectors of the Ukrainian equity market, including those companies listed on foreign exchanges. Our study showed a marked improvement in the profile of public Ukrainian companies' corporate governance over the last year: the average score was 1.9 vs. 0.8 in 2007.

Corporate Governance in Ukraine / From ape to man / February 2007

This is the first comprehensive study of corporate governance in Ukraine. The report found that “on the whole, Ukrainian companies are still far behind their western peers in terms of corporate development...” The average score was 0.8, which corresponded to a “Below Average” rating.

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November 22 2017
DTEK power rates may grow 18% in 2018 if NERC has quorum

The regulator estimates that coal costs to be covered by TPPs’ electricity rates in 2018 will be 20.2% higher than those covered in 2017... The key risk now is that the NERC won’t be able to approve this draft regulation by the end of this year...

November 22 2017
Ukraine places USD 89 mln in local 2Y Eurobonds at 5.4% rate

Most likely, the placement was aimed at accumulating foreign currency to repay USD 271 mln in local Eurobonds due today. If so, the goal has not been reached...

November 22 2017
MHP considers acquisition of five EU poultry plants

In any case, higher EU-based capacities will help the company to compensate the low poultry import quota...

November 22 2017
Black Iron presents updated case for Shymanivske iron ore project

Preliminary Economic Assessment for its Shymanivske iron ore project in Ukraine yields an NPV of USD 1.7 bln...

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