Metinvest: Strong commodity prices imply high risk... 26 Sept. 2017. 8pp
Ukraine State Budget 2018 Note. 25 Sept. 2017. 4pp
Ukraine Politics: Open window before the storm. 21 Sept. 2017. 14pp
JKX Oil & Gas: Fighting to survive after losing... 14 Aug. 2017. 10pp
Ukraine Economy: ...not enough fat to get through 2020. 21 Jul. 2017. 15pp
ULF and Avangardco: A history of inefficient ... 09 June 2017. 12pp
Ukrainian Eurobonds: Top picks update 26 Apr. 2017. 13pp
Metinvest & DTEK: Risks from railroad blockade 22 Feb. 2017. 9pp
METINV: Restructuring terms imply FV of 100. 02 Feb. 2017. 9pp
Privatbank: is there any value left in Eurobonds? 27 Dec. 2016. 11 pp
Privatbank nationalization - Top questions. 19 Dec. 2016. 4 pp
Fixed Income Strategy - The last bets of the restructuring wave 29 Nov.2016. 57pp
Ukraine Politics - A strange kind of stability. 07 Nov. 2016. Z. Zawada. 14 pp
The “no surprises” Ukraine's 2017 spending plan. 23 Sept 2016. A.Paraschiy 3 pp
DTEK Energy Eurobonds - Tough talks ahead. 22 Sep 2016. A. Paraschiy. 7 pp

Daily News

November 22 2017
DTEK power rates may grow 18% in 2018 if NERC has quorum

The regulator estimates that coal costs to be covered by TPPs’ electricity rates in 2018 will be 20.2% higher than those covered in 2017... The key risk now is that the NERC won’t be able to approve this draft regulation by the end of this year...

November 22 2017
Ukraine places USD 89 mln in local 2Y Eurobonds at 5.4% rate

Most likely, the placement was aimed at accumulating foreign currency to repay USD 271 mln in local Eurobonds due today. If so, the goal has not been reached...

November 22 2017
MHP considers acquisition of five EU poultry plants

In any case, higher EU-based capacities will help the company to compensate the low poultry import quota...

November 22 2017
Black Iron presents updated case for Shymanivske iron ore project

Preliminary Economic Assessment for its Shymanivske iron ore project in Ukraine yields an NPV of USD 1.7 bln...

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Nov 27
3MFY18 interim report
Dec 14
NBU consider revision of key rate
Dec 31
USD 22.4 mln in coupon, amortization
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