A leader is a person who is able to find an idea and the resources for its implementation, put willpower into it, and get a result


Each project, each action, takes on a new meaning if you bring into it an element of creativity and innovation


This is freedom from the stereotypes, habits, and norms that society imposes. We all obey some rules, but we are successful under one single condition, if we are free inside. Freedom is a limitless ocean


This is what we get when we are doing more now than in the morning, and today more than yesterday. We measure any given action in terms of whether it will allow us to grow, to move forward and create more, lead more, and freely


This is the culmination, the bundle of energy that is released from a job well done. It’s also the reward, a combination of monetary measure and pleasure



At Concorde Capital, we are proud to have assembled one of the strongest and most professional teams on Ukraine’s investment market. We are always happy when experienced individuals join our team, ready to make their contribution, be persistent, and reap the fruit of their labors.

Concorde Capital is an ideal environment for goal-oriented individuals, who are confidently building their careers. We offer opportunities to excel with self-reliant work, as well as work under the guidance of true professionals in the investment sphere.

Please look through the following vacancies. If you believe your knowledge and experience meet the given requirements, please send a detailed CV/resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Information on your candidacy will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Relationship Manager or Business Development Manager in Asset Management Department

February 2022

We are interested in young, talented and ambitious students looking to gain experience in the investment sphere. If you specialize in economics, finance or a related field, we invite you to participate in our student work program. We offer students the following opportunities:

  • 1. Practice – unpaid work by a student for a period of at least a month with the goal of acquiring practical skills and applying theory gained during university studies. The practice term depends exclusively on a schedule set by the university, with which an agreement is signed.
  • 2. Internship – work for upper-level students, or graduates, for a period of one to six months, which can be paid or unpaid (depending on the agreement reached between the student and our company). After the internship, a decision is made on whether the intern is offered work or given a recommendation for having completed the Concorde Capital internship.
  • 3. Employment – hiring the best candidates who successfully completed all stages of the job interview process, with a probation period.

We reveal the potential of future leaders. Many of our past participants of student programs are now successfully climbing the career ladder in our company. To apply, please fill out an application form.

Please examine the following vacancies. If you believe your knowledge and experience meet our requirements, send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] Information on your candidacy will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Intern – Quantitative Financial Analyst

March 2021

Intern – Financial Analyst

March 2021

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