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CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital investment company

Igor Mazepa, CEO and founder of the Concorde Capital investment company, is among Ukraine’s leading financial experts with more than 20 years of expertise on the Ukrainian investment market.

Concorde Capital is Ukraine’s leading investment company offering a full spectrum of brokerage and investment banking services. In its 14 years on the market, the company has attracted more than USD 3 bln in investment for the leading Ukrainian companies.


Igor Mazepa was born on July 2, 1976 in Kyiv. He earned degrees from Kyiv National Economic University in international economics and law.

Mazepa’s career began in 1997 at Prospects Investments company. In 2000, he was appointed executive director of Foyil Securities New Europe, a company that traded securities. In 2002, he became managing director of MFK Investment Bank.

In 2004, Mazepa founded his own investment company, Concorde Capital, which he leads to this day.

Mazepa was among the founders of the Ukrainian Exchange securities exchange. Between 2008 and 2016, he served as head of the exchange’s board.

Between August 2014 and July 2016, Mazepa was a supervisory board member for Ukreximbank.

Between November 2016 and August 2018, Mazepa was a supervisory board member of Ukrsotsbank.

Investment projects

Igor Mazepa is an investor in a serious of projects:
  • the Dobrobut medical network is Ukraine’s – first private chain of medical clinics
  • GoodLife Park is an elite residential development in suburban Kyiv.


Mazepa travels a great deal, enjoying skiing, running, swimming, rowing and yachting. Mazepa also enjoys helicopter piloting.

Activeness in community and social projects

Since 2015, Mazepa has been the board chairman of the “Price of the State” organization, which explains to Ukrainians the issues of state economic policy, while at the same time promoting democratic and market changes in Ukraine.

Mazepa supports Ukraine’s national rowing team, as well as the DIUSSH Kiev sporting school that involves 100 youth.

Igor Mazepa’s comments

On martial law (November 2018)

I would say that half a billion dollars – this is the cost of martial law for the economy of Ukraine. It’s direct and indirect losses. And that’s not a small sum for our country whose economy earns little more than USD 100 bln annually. These are also losses for our budget, as well as for our country’s defense capability.

I suppose that possible withdrawing from investments or postponing them will affect our economy: at minimum, the cost of international borrowing for Ukraine has already grown. And our government will still need to pay back foreign debts next year.

On global trends and challenges for Ukraine (November 2018)

The main challenge today is that the value of money is growing, while the value of resources will fall, more than likely. For Ukraine, as an export-oriented country, this global trend means that there will be less money (fewer dollars from export earnings), we’ll have more debt and borrowing will become more expensive and complicated.

Therefore, whether we want it or not, the Ukrainian economy will have to depend on its own strengths in the nearest future.

On IMF cooperation (October 2018)

At the current moment, Ukraine has no alternative to cooperating with the IMF. Part of why cooperation is important is so that our country can pay off its debts and finance the budget deficit.

On reforms (October 2018)

Unfortunately, the most significant changes and reforms in Ukraine are occurring under the pressure of Western lenders. It’s important to understand that reforms in Ukraine aren’t needed for IMF or EU officials, but for Ukrainians themselves.

On natural gas price hikes by 23.5% (Оctober 2018)

When the government offers an effective, transparent, understandable and simply means of gaining compensation, the gas price hikes won’t in any way affect the budgets of Ukrainians. It will only lead to establishing fairness. A wealthy person should not receive a gas subsidy. He should pay the full price for gas.

On the investment climate (November 2018)

Foreign investors believe that Ukraine is still a country with enormous possibilities. As before, it also has high risks, unfortunately. There are large barriers to investors entering Ukraine. The markets are not competitive in Ukraine because they are dominated by strong state monopolies or the monopolies of certain oligarchs. So investors will come to Ukraine only with the presence of real reforms and when we won’t have risks as high as they are now.

About Concorde Consulting (a part of the Concorde Capital group of companies) becoming selected as investment adviser for preparing the privatization of the President Hotel (November 2018)

We are ready to create one of the first success stories in the history of the new privatization law. We are ready to openly inform society and the government about our work. We received a mandate of trust from the Cabinet of Ministers and now can more actively counteract attempts at sabotage from any groups of influence. We will give immediate publicity to any attempts to interfere with the fulfillment of our responsibilities.

On privatization (October 2018)

Ukraine fulfilled its privatization plan only three times in its history. Two of those times it sold the same enterprise, Kryvorizhstal in different periods. The third time was when it sold Ukrtelecom. All other times, regardless of state budget plans, there was a large lack of financing under the privatization article.

On medical reform (July 2018)

Medical reform in its current form won’t attract additional financial resources to Ukraine’s healthcare sector. Health insurance is needed in order to develop the healthcare sector and for changes to be realistically tangible.

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