Trading operations

Concorde Capital has extensive expertise and many years of experience in conducting trading operations of any complexity, both on the domestic and international stock markets. We provide our clients with a high-quality services for buying, selling and managing stocks, bonds and derivatives on the market.

Concorde Capital is a licensed securities trader in Ukraine and an active participant in the local stock market. We provide trading operations in the following segments:

Bond market in Ukraine
  • Trading operations with government (OVGZ), corporate and municipal bonds
  • REPO operations with hryvnia and foreign currency government bonds
  • Organization and placement of corporate bond issues
Stock market
  • Brokerage operations on the Ukrainian stock market
  • Purchase of shares on global stock markets (Warsaw Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, American stock markets) and entry into Ukraine
  • Brokerage in the European debt market
  • Purchase of Eurobonds on foreign exchanges and entry into Ukraine

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International Sales and Trading
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Trader, local market
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