Investment Banking

Attracting investments, finding debt financing, selling and acquiring business (both in Ukraine and abroad), developing capitalization strategies

Market Comment

Ukrainian equities were hot in Warsaw but mostly cold in London on Wednesday, May 13. The WIG Ukraine Index rose 1.5% to extend its win streak to four sessions at a 5.1% advance. It was led by egg producer Ovostar (OVO PW), which surged 7.5%, and sugar producer Astarta (AST PW), which climbed 4.7%, or 14.0% in three sessions. In London, iron ore miner and pellet maker Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) declined 1.8%. JKX Oil & Gas (JKX LN) fell 5.6%.

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Debt & restructuring

Concorde Capital is one of the most active participants of the debt market in terms of investment banking services. We provide our clients unparalled expertise in:

1. Complex debt-restructuring situations that involve:

  • A large number of creditors
  • Sourcing of fresh equity and debt to repurchase current loans
  • Blended decisions and structures
  • Sophisticated legal engineering

2. Specific debt buyout scenarios requiring:

  • Security for the client
  • Short-term and bridge financing
  • Equity financing

3. Sourcing of debt from institutional lenders: EBRD, BSTDB, IFC

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