Investment Banking

Attracting investments, finding debt financing, selling and acquiring business (both in Ukraine and abroad), developing capitalization strategies

Market Comment

S&P affirms Ukraine B rating with Stable Outlook

Concorde Capital Investment Conference 2019

gathered more than 300 international investors, leaders in politics and business

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Capitalization and building relationships

Our mission is to accompany the client in whatever turbulent conditions the Ukrainian climate may find itself in.

1. We build relationships advising on all matters including strategy, markets, acquisition targets, capital structure, financial modeling and even personnel.

2. We help to capitalize businesses through legal structuring, auditing and incorporating the highest standards of corporate governance. We make sure our clients benefit from good publicity and higher multiples in the short term.

3. We have experience in building several capitalization stories from scratch by:

  • Advising on acquisitions,
  • Recruiting key management,
  • Finding sources of debt,
  • Implementing smooth audits and
  • Performing legal structurings.

4. We help greenfield projects by providing capital and source-financing from our partners.

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