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Concorde Capital enhances its investment banking department

Concorde Capital investment company is pleased to announce personnel changes to enhance its investment banking department, which will be led by Sergey Chuikin and Igor Sotnik. The department is also strengthened by the arrival of Aleksandr Griban, an expert in investment, banking, information technology and real estate.

Sergey Chuikin has been appointed as managing director of the investment banking department after serving as director of origination. He will focus on finding and attracting new clients for the company. After earning a master’s degree from the Kyiv National Economic University, Chuikin worked in the banking sector in Kyiv before coming to Concorde Capital in 2014. During this time, Chuikin began participating in originating and structuring more than 30 transactions for large corporate clients with a focus on restructuring debt, M&As, and attracting debt and share capital.

Igor Sotnik has been appointed as director of the investment banking department after serving as its vice president. He will focus on structuring and developing deals for the department. After graduating Kyiv National Economic University, he joined Concorde Capital in 2011 and participated in 20 deals that included M&As, restructurizations and attracting debt and share capital for leading Ukrainian private and state companies.

Aleksandr Griban will serve as the department’s director of origination. After earning his master’s degree in international economics from Shevchenko National University in Kyiv, he led the Ukrainian office of a U.S.-based private investment fund, launched and directed an investment company in Poland, and managed private investments in Russian and Ukrainian real estate, as well as banking sector segments. Griban specializes in renewable energy, bio-energy, real estate, finance and information technology. At Concorde Capital, he will be responsible for finding new clients, as well as originating and structuring deals in M&A, debt restructuring and attracting capital.

"We are concentrated on strengthening and developing the Concorde Capital team as a whole, and our investment banking sphere in particular. Aleksandr Griban joined us not long ago. Alex is an awesome specialist in real estate, as well as the banking and investment sectors. I am confident that he'll bring his prolific experience to Concorde's projects. Sergey Chuikin and Igor Sotnik, who have successfully served the firm for several years, are now in top positions. Sergey has been appointed managing director of the investment banking department, while Igor will develop our projects and see them through. An expert will fortify each of our prospective business directions and we are continuing to strengthen our team," said Concorde Capital general director Igor Mazepa.