Concorde Capital strengthens its agricultural expertise

Concorde Capital is proud to announce the hiring of Dmytro Ushenko, who will serve as director of origination of the investment banking department. Dmytro will focus on attracting investment to Concorde’s agricultural department, among the Ukrainian economy’s key sectors.

Dmytro began his business career at Concorde Capital as a junior analyst in 2008. He has 10 years of experience in the investment banking, financial and real economy sectors. In 2015-2017, Dmytro served as an advisor to the agrarian minister and director of the ministry’s state enterprise privatization group. Dmytro has a master’s degree in banking from the Ukrainian Banking Academy at the National Bank of Ukraine.

«We are always pleased when our boys, who began their professional careers at Concorde Capital, return to the company, bringing with them their enhanced experience. Dima started as a junior analyst before building his career in the leading investment, financial and industrial companies, as well as the agrarian ministry. At Concorde, Dima will cover matters related to the agrarian sector. That way, we are improving the company’s expertise in prospective sectors with leading specialists», - Concorde Capital general director Igor Mazepa said about the appointment.

Recall, Concorde Capital enhanced its investment banking department with several personnel changes in February. Sergey Chuikin was appointed managing director of the investment banking department after serving as director of origination. Igor Sotnik was appointed director of investment banking and will lead the team fulfilling projects after serving as vice president of investment banking. Meanwhile, Alexander Griban joined the investment banking team as its director of origination, enhancing its expertise in the real estate, banking and investment sectors.