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Igor Mazepa awards winners of CASERS investment banking contest

Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa awarded the winners of the company’s investment banking case contest that was held as part of the CASERS Project competition in Kyiv, Ukraine. More than 25 teams involving 270 competitors participated in the competition and proposed their solutions how to attract investors to develop a food oil-extraction plant (case).
The jury consisted of Concorde Capital executives: Investment Banking Managing Director Sergey Chuikin, Investment Banking Director Igor Sotnik, Investment Banking Origination Directors Dmytro Ushenko and Alexander Griban and Human Resources Director Tatyana Belokon.
  • The first place award, and the ability to join the Concorde Capital team, was earned by The Four in One Brain team.
  • Second place – !Ref Team
  • Third place – Staycool
  • Fourth place – Solasta IB 
  • Fifth place – Deepdive
“I am pleased to award today the creators of the most successful ideas. These guys not only approached resolving our case in a complex way, having skillfully identified the most important criteria of the plant’s investment attractiveness, but they effectively compiled their presentations and demonstrated public speaking skills. We have kept our word and invited the brightest talent to join the Concorde Capital team. I hope they will fill our goal-oriented team of victory-oholics and will become successful investment bankers in the nearest future,” said Igor Mazepa, the CEO and founder of Concorde Capital.
All the semi-finalists (top five teams) received from Concorde Capital registered certificates for successfully resolving cases. The participants of two teams – The Four in One Brain and !Refteam – await a business lunch with Igor Mazepa and Sergey Chuikin
The project was conducted in partnership with the CASERS civic organization.
The Concorde Capital group of companies is a leading investment company providing a full range of services in investment banking and securities trading. The company has attracted more than USD 3 billion in capital for Ukraine’s leading companies in the metallurgical, oil & gas, chemical, agricultural, automobile, pharmaceutical and real estate sectors.
Igor Mazepa  is the company’s Founder and CEO.