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Concorde Capital to host international investment conference, GAME OF THRONES: FINAL SEASON?

Concorde Capital will host on May 16, 2019 the international investment conference, GAME OF THRONES: FINAL SEASON?, to examine Ukraine’s economic course following the elections.  

Conference speakers include leaders in politics and business, representative of international organizations, as well as Ukrainian businessmen and foreign investors.

The conference will include three discussion panels: officials, business and international investors, whose participants will discuss the course of Ukraine’s development, issues on improving the investment climate, and attracting international investors. Also to be examined are the prospects for Ukraine’s cooperation with the IMF and implementing reforms.

“Concorde Capital, always at the forefront of major events, is hosting an international investment conference uniting the leading players of the financial markets, politicians and businessmen, and the representatives of international institutions on the heels of the presidential elections to hear the plans of the newly elected president and discuss expectations on the future of Ukraine’s economic course.

The conference theme, GAME OF THRONES: FINAL SEASON?, reflects our attempts to understand to what extent Ukraine’s political landscape will change after the presidential and parliamentary elections,” said Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa.


Concorde Capital investment company has been hosting international investments conferences since 2005. They have become leading platforms in bringing together the representatives of Ukrainian government, business and the international community with the goal of discussing economic reforms and investment.

Igor Mazepa is the founder and CEO of Concorde Capital.

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