Igor Mazepa
Founder and CEO

Igor Mazepa about resignation of NBU Governor Yakiv Smolii

The resignation of Yakiv Smolii should bring the authorities down to earth, says Igor Mazepa , an investment banker, founder and CEO of Concorde Capital investment company. The National Bank of Ukraine must be independent.

“This was unexpected and unpleasant news for me,” says Igor Mazepa . “I am sure that Yakiv Smolii knows what he is doing. Obviously, he had no other way to draw attention to the threats to independence of the National Bank, but to make such a demarche”, says Igor Mazepa.

“The negative response of international stock markets is quite telling in this sense.

I am confident that this situation should bring the authorities down to earth. The goals pursued by Yakiv Smolii at the post of the central bank governor were to maintain a balanced monetary policy and strengthen the Bank's independence, and they will be achieved. That is why we, at Concorde Capital, do not panic or roll back our investment projects", summerized Igor Mazepa.