Igor Mazepa
Founder and CEO

Igor Mazepa: Concorde Capital posts strong performance in 2020

Concorde Capital CEO and Owner Igor Mazepa  tells Profi Space media about his company's business performance in 2020. 

About insights and lessons of 2020 
“If we had particular plans, strategy, and expectations at the beginning of the year, then it became clear in March that they would have to be drastically changed. We have timely identified the de-urbanization trend: people tend to live in the countryside provided they have a comfortable infrastructure. This is gaining momentum much faster because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now we see a boom in the suburban real estate sector. That is why we continued to invest in the construction of cottage townships, in particular GoodLife Park and SHELEST, and started a couple more projects in other Kyiv suburbs,” Igor Mazepa  says. 
“Medicine is another promising area for us. As of the end of 2020, we see that our investee, the Dobrobut medical clinic network, will deliver 120% of the targets set in December 2019 when we did not yet know that a crisis awaited us. We expect a good return on our investment in Kryvyi Rih Cement. After the company was purchased from the Germans, the new management succeeded in bringing the business from €15m in operating loss in 2018 to €6m in operating profit in 2019. We expect the EBITDA of €12 million. I'd like to mention ouranother successful project in which we have a small share. This is makeup.ua, the internet platform, which shows just crazy growth. It has long been leading the sales of cosmetic products not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. These are our insights and lessons," Igor Mazepa says.
How much have you changed as a person/entrepreneur in the past year? What new qualities have you developed? Which of them have helped you go through the crisis? 
"I am already experiencing a fourth crisis, so it is difficult to say that 2020 has changed me a lot. The current crisis is the most unusual and broad-scale as it is happening around the world, there are lockdowns and restricted mobility. Nevertheless, everything else remains the same as always. Therefore, I am calm about this crisis,” says Igor Mazepa. At Concorde Capital, we stayed at home for a week even during the first quarantine, then we all started going to the office. We are creative people, and our story will not soar remotely. We sat to brainstorm ideas about where we can earn and went ahead. Any crisis is a new opportunity or a chance to take a fresh look at familiar things. Moreover, many people unleash their potential in difficult times. Therefore, it is primarily a time of new opportunities for us," summarizes Igor Mazepa.