Igor Mazepa
Founder and CEO

Igor Mazepa: Concorde Capital marks its 16th anniversary! Bright and fast-changing times await us

Igor Mazepa, investment banker, CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital investment company congratulates his colleagues on the company's birthday, thanking them for their strength, resilience, freedom, creativity, and ambitions. 

Dear Colleagues,

 “Today, Concorde Capital and we, together with you, have become one more year older, more experienced, wiser, and more goal-driven! We turn 16, not too much, not so little,” says Igor Mazepa.

 “I compare our journey to climbing the highest peak of our dreams. Ascending a peak, we test our strengths, capabilities, psychic setup, and mind-set. Transformations take place. We have a big backpack behind us, full of our victories, defeats, failures, joys, and doubts. This is all our invaluable experience and history that we are writing. We will continue to do so together. There is more than one ascent and descent ahead, more than one peak that we can conquer as a team,” says Igor Mazepa.

 “Dear friends, I am grateful to all of you for the journey that we are taking together under the brightest flag of Concorde Capital. Only strong, free, creative, and ambitious people like you can change this world,” says Igor Mazepa .

 Bright and fast-changing times are to come, and I congratulate you on this. 

 Concorde Capital, to your New Successful Year!