Igor Mazepa
Founder and CEO

Concorde Capital and SHELEST invite investors to increase returns

Concorde Capital announces new investment product for investors in real estate  
Concorde Capital  investment company announces new investment product for investors in real estate. 
We are happy to make an investment proposal to our potential partners. We will invest the raised capital in land improvements and build the following facilities:
  • Wellness&SPA
  • Event Hall
  • Cottages (Stage 2)

SHELEST is already a profitable project. Thus, we offer some of the best terms in the Ukrainian market of profitable real estate: 8.5% per annum in foreign currency, payment of dividends every six months, and accrual of interest from the first day of investment. The minimum investment is $20,000+ for individuals.
SHELEST is a recreation complex, a place where you can escape from the city to enjoy unity with nature and relax. An inviting and intimate atmosphere, forest, comfortable houses, hotel rooms, restaurant, pub, and swimming pool give SHELEST a lead among suburban complexes. The facility is on the march and is set to offer more ideal opportunities for rest and recreation. For this very reason, we are looking for like-minded people who want to be part of a successful project.
Let’s make the best suburban complex together. Join SHELEST investors now.
For more information, please contact Artem Shcherbyna, our Head of Wealth Management at + 38 097 657 54 07.