Concorde Capital has become a partner of the Kyrrex cryptocurrency exchange

Leading Ukrainian investment company Concorde Capital has become a partner of the regulated cryptocurrency exchange Kyrrex. In particular, the company has invested in the KRRX token, the presale of which began on October 25, 2021 on the Kyrrex platform and will last until November 25, 2021. 

“The KRRX token is our second  investment in cryptocurrency projects. We see great prospects in this market, so we are trying to involve ourselves into various infrastructure projects and we can already say that they are successful, ”said Sergey Chuikin , Managing Director of Concorde Capital Investment and Banking Department.

 The KRRX token is Kyrrex's own service token. It can be used for all products and functions available on the platform: OTC, trading, deposit program, referral program, and online banking. KRRX holders have exclusive benefits - low fees for spot trading, increased APY in the deposit program, a discount on the use of Trade Ideas, and increased cashback in partner stores for the use of the token. 

Company information: 

Concorde Capital  is a leading Ukrainian investment company founded in 2004. Concorde Capital provides a full range of international brokerage and investment services, as well as direct investments in areas such as medicine, building materials market, real estate, energy, mining and IT. Using a variety of financial instruments and an innovative approach to transactions, Concorde Capital has raised more than $4 billion for Ukrainian companies in the fields of metallurgy, automotive, real estate, and in the chemical, oil and gas, agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors. CEO and founder of the company is Igor Mazepa

Kyrrex was founded in 2016 as a global investment, payment and financial ecosystem that bridges the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrencies by providing a full range of products and services for everyone, regardless of location. 

Kyrrex is the world's first global digital bank to transform the traditional financial world and link it to online finance and cryptocurrency trading. It is now easier than ever to exchange fiat currencies for digital assets and vice versa, and all this is possible thanks to a single platform. The main mission of the company is to create a global system of financial products without geographical, legal and temporal boundaries, accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. 

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