Igor Mazepa: Investors compete to invest in your business if you have a bright idea and inner energy

Igor Mazepa, CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital investment company, took part in the Business Wisdom Summit 2021 "Architects of the New Reality". He spoke about investments in the new economic reality. 

The new reality, the so-called 'new normal', requires new approaches and trends in the investment environment: 

  • In today's world there is very high competition, on the one hand, for money, but on the other hand, money is in competition for cool and bright ideas. Just having the money to become an investor in a company is not enough. Reputation is important. Also, in addition to money, you bring to the company in which you invest your own energy, experience, and network, says Igor Mazepa.
  • Of course, it is important for investors to understand what the company's profits are. However, when markets grow and develop at breakneck speed, investors pay for the growth, not for the cash flow that the company is generating today. This is especially true of technology companies. This is the difference that Igor Mazepa notes between the old, traditional businesses and the new ones. Investors compete to invest in your business if you have a bright idea, inner energy, and determination. This is what attracts investors to the new format.