The detention of Igor Mazepa relates to his position in defense of business in Ukraine.

The recent apprehension of Igor Mazepa, the founder of Concorde Capital, one of Ukraine's largest investment companies, is linked to his public stance on increasing pressure from law enforcement on Ukrainian business owners. Concorde Capital's press service reported that Mazepa was detained yesterday by employees of the State Bureau of Investigations and the police.


Law enforcement officials acted unlawfully and aggressively during a series of searches, committing various procedural violations, such as restricting access to lawyers, indiscriminately seizing documents and personal funds of company employees, searching the company's office without a court order, and forcibly breaking doors. The company is currently preparing to address the government concerning the pressure on the company and the potential destruction of the investment climate in Ukraine by law enforcement.


This appeal is expected to be signed by owners of numerous major Ukrainian budget-forming companies. The issue of pressure on Igor Mazepa is transcending the bounds of investigative actions initiated by law enforcement, especially since Igor Mazepa openly addressed the corruption within security structures and the creation of an anti-rating for dishonest law enforcement officers.


In May 2023, Igor Mazepa joined a robust anti-raider movement against judges who misuse their powers, involving Ukraine's largest budget-forming companies. On June 28, 42 renowned Ukrainian entrepreneurs published a manifesto in defense of the 42nd article of the Constitution. Notable signatories include Filia Zhebrovska, owner of the pharmaceutical company "Farmak," Serhii Voytenko, CEO of "Agromat," Olexandr Sokolovsky, founder of "Textile-Contact," and others.


Following this public appeal, law enforcement allegedly received orders to detain Igor Mazepa by fabricating multiple criminal investigations against him.


"This is not just an issue for Igor Mazepa or Concorde Capital; it is a problem for the entire Ukrainian business community under significant pressure. We urge everyone to bring attention to this matter! We call for the immediate release of Igor Mazepa and a halt to the pressure on Ukrainian businesses!" - the company stated.


Founded by Igor Mazepa, Concorde Capital has been a leader in Ukraine's investment market for 18 years, attracting over $4 billion in investments from more than 1,000 clients.