You don’t have to be a bitcoin to appeal to investors
3 April 2018

Concorde Capital General Director Igor Mazepa offered his view of what Ukraine’s reputation should be to attract investors in a column for the Reputation Activists annual ratings.

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Low prices super cycle: is the economy of Ukraine to survive it?
5 November 2016

The financial world has a new mantra – the super cycle of low commodity prices. According to analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, it took about three years from the beginning of the cycle. If we consider that…

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Operation of transformation. What is the basis of NBU reform?
23 August 2016

The staff list optimization is the main goal of "transformation" of the National Bank of Ukraine. It is expected to cut down the number of NBU more than twofold: from 5,300 to 2,000 persons. It is an open…

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Ihor Mazepa: Odesa Port Plant Could Be Better Sold to Kolomoyskyi Five Years Ago for 600 million
26 June 2016

At the end of the last year, journalists at Radio Liberty spent 6 nights under the Presidential Administration so that to make it clear, who are those people public servants meet with. This was the period…

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Concorde Capital recognized the best sales-trader in Ukraine
17 June 2016

Concorde Capital Investment Company was ranked first in the category Cbonds Awards CIS - 2016 "The Best Sales-Trader in the Ukrainian Market." The company was ranked second in categories "The Best Investment…

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We enjoy the crisis now
13 June 2016

Igor Mazepa, General Director of Concorde Capital Investment Company: Igor Mazepa, General Director of Concorde Capital Investment Company is a well-known figure in the Ukrainian financial market. First,…

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How to reform the power sector
3 June 2016

Author: Andrey Gerus Speaking about the gas and power market reform, we may say that these are two completely different reforms. The gas segment has undergone a real reform. The power market situation…

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It’s All About the People
30 May 2016

DsNews tried to find out where the Government can recruit “valuable employees” for managerial positions In a couple of weeks, the Commission for the senior level of the government service should be set…

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Donetsk – Rotterdam - Kyiv. Price route of the Ukrainian coal
18 May 2016

Author: Andrey Gerus I demand the Ukrainian peasants link the potato price to prices in New York supermarkets plus delivery to Ukraine. Just saying, of course, but it is exactly what happens in the…

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What are Benefits of the Consumption Growth?
16 May 2016

The domestic consumer demand has always been a driving force for the Ukrainian economy. Only in years when the Ukrainians drove up demand, the economy actively advanced. And today, a key prerequisite…

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Repatriation of dividends: betrayal or victory
10 May 2016

After the ban on repatriation of dividends is lifted, $ 0.5-1.1 billion may leave the country. How will this affect the economy and the hryvna exchange rate? For more than a year foreign investors considered…

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Crisis is over. Officially
26 April 2016

In early 2015, prices for the main export commodities of Ukraine literally collapsed (although they fell before), after which the hryvna collapsed too. Now the situation is quite the opposite. Recently,…

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China brings hope to the Ukrainian economy
19 April 2016

Author: Andrey Gerus Over the last 3 months, steel raised by 50% (up to $ 350-380 per ton of slab or square billets), ore by more than 40% (up to $ 60 per ton), oil by 50% (up to $ 43 per Brent Barrel).…

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According to Concorde Capital, NBU to cut the discount rate by 2-3 points up to 20-19% on April 21
18 April 2016

Concorde Capital Investment Company expects that the National Bank cuts the discount rate by 2-3 percentage points up to 20-19% on April 21. This is stated in the economic review of Concorde Capital…

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The fear factor. How to restore confidence in the Ukrainian companies
15 April 2016

How the perception of Ukraine by foreign investors affected the cost of Eurobonds In 2014-2015, Ukraine faced almost everything that can intimidate any investor. Acute external challenges - occupation…

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