Low prices super cycle: is the economy of Ukraine to survive it?
5 November 2016

The financial world has a new mantra – the super cycle of low commodity prices. According to analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, it took about three years from the beginning of the cycle. If we consider that…

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Operation of transformation. What is the basis of NBU reform?
23 August 2016

The staff list optimization is the main goal of "transformation" of the National Bank of Ukraine. It is expected to cut down the number of NBU more than twofold: from 5,300 to 2,000 persons. It is an open…

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What are Benefits of the Consumption Growth?
16 May 2016

The domestic consumer demand has always been a driving force for the Ukrainian economy. Only in years when the Ukrainians drove up demand, the economy actively advanced. And today, a key prerequisite…

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Repatriation of dividends: betrayal or victory
10 May 2016

After the ban on repatriation of dividends is lifted, $ 0.5-1.1 billion may leave the country. How will this affect the economy and the hryvna exchange rate? For more than a year foreign investors considered…

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30 hryvna to dollar is not a realistic rate
29 January 2016

After the currency market calmed down, it is time to calculate what exchange rate of hryvna to dollar in 2016 will be able to balance our economy. My relatively simple, and therefore more primitive approach,…

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Economy 2016: Perfect calm after the perfect storm
12 January 2016

To the Ukrainian economy ceased to be a leaky sailboat, one should not only stop closing off the loopholes with IMF loans, but also start paddling Many officials compare recent developments in Ukraine…

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About the future price rises, prospects of the economy and “rescuers” of Ukraine: interview with Olexandr Paraschiy
8 January 2016

The analyst of the one of largest investment companies gave a forecast for 2016 and summarized economic results of 2015 Olexandr Paraschiy, analyst of Concorde Capital, believes that the next year will…

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Whether Kyiv’ debt be another "debt of Yanukovych?"
9 November 2015

The Kyiv City Council together with the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance adopted a common proposal to restructure debt to holders of Kyiv Eurobonds. At first sight, it is difficult to refuse. However, according…

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To spite your face: What will get Russia abandoning restructuring
29 October 2015

The only participant missed the regular meeting of creditors in London today - the Russian National Welfare Fund, owner of $ 3 billion debt securities, known as the financial assistance to Yanukovych,…

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When 0.25 is more than 5: Specific features of the domestic interest rate
8 October 2015

An investment banker Igor Mazepa explains why reduction of FRS rate for 0.25 point is more important to our economy than decrease of the NBU discount rate by 5 points. In mid-September, the entire world…

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