Igor Mazepa: Having money and not making money on it is as bad as not having money at all
1 June 2021

Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa talks about global economy trends and investment options amid the pandemic   Igor Mazepa, an investment banker, CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital investment…

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Igor Mazepa on the President Hotel privatization: We prepared our offer. The ball is in the court of the Cabinet of Ministers and the State Property Fund.
11 March 2020

Investment banker Igor Mazepa, the founder and CEO of Concorde Capital, discussed the status of preparations for privatizing the President Hotel in Kyiv, as well as the Krasnolymanska Coal Company,…

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President Hotel (Kyiv) privatization may be limited to rental agreement expiring in 2034, adviser says
1 February 2019

Davos, Jan. 31, 2019 INTERFAX-UKRAINE – Having been selected investment adviser for the President Hotel (Kyiv), Concorde Consulting – part of the KPMG, Marcus Bureau, and Redcliffe Partners consortium…

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Privatization2019: what’s behind the President Hotel (Kyiv) façade?
29 January 2019

Igor Mazepa comments “special features” of President Hotel (Kyiv)  Concorde Capital is currently fulfilling its responsibility as the investment adviser for the first state asset to be sold as…

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Igor Mazepa: Half a billion dollars – the cost of martial law for the economy of Ukraine
28 November 2018

Ukraine’s emergency situation prompted UEFA to decide yesterday to change the venue of the match between Poltava Vorskla and Arsenal F.C. from Poltava to Kyiv. The reason was to ensure security amid the…

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Igor Mazepa comments the Cabinet of Ministers approval of Concorde Consulting (a part of the Concorde Capital group of companies) as investment adviser for privatization of the President Hotel in Kyiv
14 November 2018

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved Concorde Consulting, part of the Concorde Capital group of companies, as the investment adviser in preparing the privatization of the President Hotel in Kyiv. Recall, the…

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Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa: The opening of a foreign public market for Ukrainian companies can be expected in 2020
23 May 2018

Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa gave an exclusive interview to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency (Part Two). - You said you have mandates to sell. To whom do you hope to sell to then? - Foreigners. -…

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Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa: Ukraine needs the private foreign investor, but he will only come with real reforms
23 May 2018

Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa gave an exclusive interview to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency (Part One). - How are investors reacting to the approaching presidential…

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Ihor Mazepa: Odesa Port Plant Could Be Better Sold to Kolomoyskyi Five Years Ago for 600 million
26 June 2016

At the end of the last year, journalists at Radio Liberty spent 6 nights under the Presidential Administration so that to make it clear, who are those people public servants meet with. This was the period…

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We enjoy the crisis now
13 June 2016

Igor Mazepa, General Director of Concorde Capital Investment Company: Igor Mazepa, General Director of Concorde Capital Investment Company is a well-known figure in the Ukrainian financial market. First,…

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Rigged games and compromises of the political elite virtually halted reforms - Igor Mazepa
22 March 2016

Igor Mazepa is one of the few investment bankers who did not want to go to the civil service. But he cannot fail to engage in the processes. Being on good terms with the Head of the Presidential Administration…

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What to expect from the Ukrainian privatization?
17 March 2016

Given the huge legacy of the Soviet economy, in 24 years of independence Ukraine managed to attract only 64 billion hryvna from privatization of its assets. This figure corresponds to the three-month…

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The investment banker Mazepa: investment attractiveness of Ukraine will not change because of termination of free trade with Russia
17 December 2015

Foreign investors do not consider Ukraine as a pass to the Russian market, says the Director General of Concorde Capital Investment Company Igor Mazepa. Investment attractiveness of Ukraine will not…

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To live a new debt: prospects of Ukraine after the debt transaction
17 November 2015

Why Ukraine is like a taxi driver, who drives the “tin Lizzie". Column of the investment banker Igor Mazepa Imagine a world where our country is a taxi driver, making his living on the “tin Lizzie",…

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26 October 2015

Igor Mazepa: An attempt to keep money inside the country turns off new, fresh capital inflow. On the eve of the local election, journalists of Grushevskogo, 5 met one of the most influential investment…

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Ihor Mazepa: Government-Owned Banks Will Become Dominant in Ukraine after Crisis
6 October 2015

"One or two fellow investment bankers are still here. These are all that still left on the market” The logo of Concorde Capital Investment Company was once showed off in the roof of then the most reputable…

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There are no good taxes
9 September 2015

All Ukrainian governments, including those not very effective, tried to carry out the tax reform. They delivered fiery speeches, repeated all the right words about improvement of the investment climate.…

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Igor Mazepa, "We are passing the bottom"
7 September 2015

Igor Mazepa responds to international turbulence in a low key - his business is not associated with risky operations, so the fall of market quotations will not affect Concorde dramatically. Meanwhile,…

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Corruption and losses. Why state-owned enterprises should be sold
25 August 2015

Privatization of state assets in this country has become a subject of political speculations long been, especially on the eve of elections. Therefore, I’d like to say a few words about the status of the…

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Cigarettes, Smuggling and Europe
23 July 2015

After the tragic events in Mukachevo, the cigarette smuggling topic has been re-actualized. Of course, many people knew about it before. Just did not want to focus on another social disease. After…

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Director of Concorde Capital Igor Mazepa: investors are now concerned about plans of authorities of Ukraine regarding the essential changes in the country
22 July 2015

Q: Recently you organized an investment conference in New York. It is clear that the agenda focused on the restructuring. Nevertheless, what other subjects are of interest for investors? A: Holders of…

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How not to lose another decade
16 April 2015

In 2015, Ukraine's GDP will be about $ 85 billion only. We had the same GDP ten years ago. Let alone this amount is negligible compared to income of private foreign companies. What does this mean?…

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