What are Benefits of the Consumption Growth?
16 May 2016

The domestic consumer demand has always been a driving force for the Ukrainian economy. Only in years when the Ukrainians drove up demand, the economy actively advanced. And today, a key prerequisite…

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Repatriation of dividends: betrayal or victory
10 May 2016

After the ban on repatriation of dividends is lifted, $ 0.5-1.1 billion may leave the country. How will this affect the economy and the hryvna exchange rate? For more than a year foreign investors considered…

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Crisis is over. Officially
26 April 2016

In early 2015, prices for the main export commodities of Ukraine literally collapsed (although they fell before), after which the hryvna collapsed too. Now the situation is quite the opposite. Recently,…

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China brings hope to the Ukrainian economy
19 April 2016

Author: Andrey Gerus Over the last 3 months, steel raised by 50% (up to $ 350-380 per ton of slab or square billets), ore by more than 40% (up to $ 60 per ton), oil by 50% (up to $ 43 per Brent Barrel).…

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According to Concorde Capital, NBU to cut the discount rate by 2-3 points up to 20-19% on April 21
18 April 2016

Concorde Capital Investment Company expects that the National Bank cuts the discount rate by 2-3 percentage points up to 20-19% on April 21. This is stated in the economic review of Concorde Capital…

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The fear factor. How to restore confidence in the Ukrainian companies
15 April 2016

How the perception of Ukraine by foreign investors affected the cost of Eurobonds In 2014-2015, Ukraine faced almost everything that can intimidate any investor. Acute external challenges - occupation…

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Andrey Gerus: Why a blind trust does not work in Ukraine
4 April 2016

Author: Andrey Gerus Information that the President has transferred assets to a blind trust is not credible yet. Otherwise, they would disclose the company taking management over the President’s assets.…

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Rigged games and compromises of the political elite virtually halted reforms - Igor Mazepa
22 March 2016

Igor Mazepa is one of the few investment bankers who did not want to go to the civil service. But he cannot fail to engage in the processes. Being on good terms with the Head of the Presidential Administration…

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What to expect from the Ukrainian privatization?
17 March 2016

Given the huge legacy of the Soviet economy, in 24 years of independence Ukraine managed to attract only 64 billion hryvna from privatization of its assets. This figure corresponds to the three-month…

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How to regulate the business of oligarchs
14 March 2016

Author: Andrey Gerus Last Friday, the Parliament had a round table discussion of prospects of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC). At the meeting, they considered the new…

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30 hryvna to dollar is not a realistic rate
29 January 2016

After the currency market calmed down, it is time to calculate what exchange rate of hryvna to dollar in 2016 will be able to balance our economy. My relatively simple, and therefore more primitive approach,…

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Economy 2016: Perfect calm after the perfect storm
12 January 2016

To the Ukrainian economy ceased to be a leaky sailboat, one should not only stop closing off the loopholes with IMF loans, but also start paddling Many officials compare recent developments in Ukraine…

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About the future price rises, prospects of the economy and “rescuers” of Ukraine: interview with Olexandr Paraschiy
8 January 2016

The analyst of the one of largest investment companies gave a forecast for 2016 and summarized economic results of 2015 Olexandr Paraschiy, analyst of Concorde Capital, believes that the next year will…

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The investment banker Mazepa: investment attractiveness of Ukraine will not change because of termination of free trade with Russia
17 December 2015

Foreign investors do not consider Ukraine as a pass to the Russian market, says the Director General of Concorde Capital Investment Company Igor Mazepa. Investment attractiveness of Ukraine will not…

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To live a new debt: prospects of Ukraine after the debt transaction
17 November 2015

Why Ukraine is like a taxi driver, who drives the “tin Lizzie". Column of the investment banker Igor Mazepa Imagine a world where our country is a taxi driver, making his living on the “tin Lizzie",…

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