Whether Kyiv’ debt be another "debt of Yanukovych?"
9 November 2015

The Kyiv City Council together with the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance adopted a common proposal to restructure debt to holders of Kyiv Eurobonds. At first sight, it is difficult to refuse. However, according…

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To spite your face: What will get Russia abandoning restructuring
29 October 2015

The only participant missed the regular meeting of creditors in London today - the Russian National Welfare Fund, owner of $ 3 billion debt securities, known as the financial assistance to Yanukovych,…

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26 October 2015

Igor Mazepa: An attempt to keep money inside the country turns off new, fresh capital inflow. On the eve of the local election, journalists of Grushevskogo, 5 met one of the most influential investment…

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When 0.25 is more than 5: Specific features of the domestic interest rate
8 October 2015

An investment banker Igor Mazepa explains why reduction of FRS rate for 0.25 point is more important to our economy than decrease of the NBU discount rate by 5 points. In mid-September, the entire world…

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Ihor Mazepa: Government-Owned Banks Will Become Dominant in Ukraine after Crisis
6 October 2015

"One or two fellow investment bankers are still here. These are all that still left on the market” The logo of Concorde Capital Investment Company was once showed off in the roof of then the most reputable…

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There are no good taxes
9 September 2015

All Ukrainian governments, including those not very effective, tried to carry out the tax reform. They delivered fiery speeches, repeated all the right words about improvement of the investment climate.…

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Igor Mazepa, "We are passing the bottom"
7 September 2015

Igor Mazepa responds to international turbulence in a low key - his business is not associated with risky operations, so the fall of market quotations will not affect Concorde dramatically. Meanwhile,…

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Andriy Gerus: We already have a dependence on Russia/DNR/LNR. And no alternative in sight so far
2 September 2015

“If the today’s policy continues, then a scarce supply of not only Grade A, but also Grade D coal is likely to occur in the coming years” This winter, Ukraine, again, cannot do without Russia. As Volodymyr…

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Corruption and losses. Why state-owned enterprises should be sold
25 August 2015

Privatization of state assets in this country has become a subject of political speculations long been, especially on the eve of elections. Therefore, I’d like to say a few words about the status of the…

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Cigarettes, Smuggling and Europe
23 July 2015

After the tragic events in Mukachevo, the cigarette smuggling topic has been re-actualized. Of course, many people knew about it before. Just did not want to focus on another social disease. After…

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Director of Concorde Capital Igor Mazepa: investors are now concerned about plans of authorities of Ukraine regarding the essential changes in the country
22 July 2015

Q: Recently you organized an investment conference in New York. It is clear that the agenda focused on the restructuring. Nevertheless, what other subjects are of interest for investors? A: Holders of…

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Price of Stability: Will NBU Maintain the Rate after the Election?
10 May 2015

The financial analyst Yuri Tovstenko explains whether the regional elections affect the currency market and what exchange rate fluctuations to expect. The issue of the national currency regulation has…

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How not to lose another decade
16 April 2015

In 2015, Ukraine's GDP will be about $ 85 billion only. We had the same GDP ten years ago. Let alone this amount is negligible compared to income of private foreign companies. What does this mean?…

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