Difficult and hard-to-reach Kazbek. Height 5,045 meters
4 August 2021

We’re continuing a good corporate tradition! This time the Concorde Capital’s team climbed to the top of Kazbek! And this is 5054 m above sea level!

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Our first 5,000-meter mountain is Ararat at 5,137 meters
19 August 2020

We did it! Only a month ago, the Concorde Capital team held a business simulation of the conquest of Everest in the office, and today we climbed to the top of Ararat , at 5137 m above sea level.

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Igor Mazepa on how the role of the head in the company is changing
19 October 2019

On October 3, speaking at the Business Wisdom Summit 2019, Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa spoke about his experience in developing as a company leader and how this role has transformed over time.

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Conquering Mount Blanc

Among the highlights in Concorde Capital’s history was in 2007, when a team of 20 brave souls, otherwise new to mountain climbing, conquered Mount Blanc.An intense three-day training camp preceded the…

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