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April 7 2020
IMF-required banking law draws over 16,000 amendments

Some new approach is needed to speed up the bill's approval...

April 7 2020
U.K. Supreme Court rejects latest appeal by Privatbank former owners

Now Privatbank claim to its former owners will be heard in London...

April 7 2020
Ferrexpo daily pellet output plunges 21% m/m in March

In 1Q20, Ferrexpo’s pellet output increased 7.4% ...

April 7 2020
Slowing infection rate proves quarantine effectiveness, Zelensky says

A recent poll indicated that the public supports the government’s response to the pandemic...

April 7 2020
Russia accuses Normandy Format of retreating from Mar. 11 protocol

Ukraine backed out from the signed agreement under pressure from its Western partners...

April 6 2020
IMF welcomes adoption of banking bill draft, expects budget and final banking law

MPs have submitted almost 6,000 proposals to amend the anti-Kolomoisky bill...

April 6 2020
Privatbank files another claim against former owners for USD 5.5 bln

The rising potential bill for the former shareholders could make them even more aggressive in seeking the return...

April 6 2020
Ukrainian Railways board fires acting CEO, media report

Marček estimated Ukrainian Railways will generate UAH 6-10 bln losses in 1H...

April 6 2020
Metinvest steel product prices adjusted further down

The current depression in slabs is clearly negative for Metinvest...

April 6 2020
First phase of economic reboot planned for early May, Shmyhal

The government seems to have a decent grip on the coronavirus so far...

April 6 2020
DTEK veteran appointed to advise PM Shmyhal, report says

We can’t help but notice the rising influence of Rinat Akhmetov and waning influence...

April 3 2020
Ukraine budget revenue 12% below plan in 1Q20

The negative effect of the quarantine is likely to reveal itself in full in April, resulting in plunging state budget revenue...

April 3 2020
NBU Council allows central bank to buy state bonds

Allowing the NBU to purchase state securities on the secondary market looks logical...

April 3 2020
Fitch downgrades DTEK Energy to RD on missed payments

We are looking for any information from the company on the true reasons for its decision to miss the payments and on a restructuring offer...

April 3 2020
Metinvest steel output drops 3% m/m in March

Metinvest’s April steel production volumes might drop to as low as 16 kt per day (31% less m/m)...

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