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February 23 2022
Separatists may claim entire territories of two Ukrainian regions

Putin’s statement increases the risk of aggression against Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine...

February 23 2022
U.K. to provide USD 500 mln loan guarantee for Ukraine as IMF mission starts

Ukraine has been already promised to get over USD 4.0 bln in the last month...

February 23 2022
MinFin bond auction receipts jump to UAH 3.5 bln

It was likely just the sale of the bonds to a predetermined list...

February 23 2022
Ukraine retail trade jumps 18% in January

The growth was mostly the result of the low comparative base...

February 23 2022
Ukraine calls up military reservists, but no general mobilization

Ukraine is proceeding toward readiness at a deliberate pace...

February 23 2022
Sanctions against Russia pile up after Ukraine attack

The initial wave of sanctions is not very impressive...

February 22 2022
U.S., Germany slap initial sanctions on ORDLO recognition

The sanctions against Russia have to be spot-on...

February 22 2022
Ukrainian government mulls severing diplomatic ties with Russia

Action that will convince increasingly nervous investors will be required, including in the anti-corruption field...

February 22 2022
After Putin’s Anti-Ukrainian rant, Russia recognizes LNR/DNR

The looming question now is whether Russia's military move toward the Line of Contact with Ukraine will end there...

February 21 2022
Last-ditch diplomatic efforts try to avert further Russian invasion of Ukraine

Both sides are playing for time...

February 21 2022
Zelensky calls for further sanctions at Munich Conference

Relations between Ukraine and Germany may have a sour tinge for some time to come...

February 21 2022
Interpipe pipe sales plunge 46% m/m in January

Interpipe’s sales of both pipes and railway products should rebound m/m in February...

February 21 2022
Ukraine railway product exports drop 9% m/m in January

The rebound of exports to Belarus is encouraging, as is the price stability...

February 21 2022
Metinvest steel prices steady last week

The rebound in steel prices is supported by high costs but might falter on monetary tightening in many regions...

February 18 2022
Biden to speak with western leaders on Friday about Ukraine

Unless punishment for the shelling is severe, the shelling and rhetoric are likely to continue...

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