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January 24 2022
DTEK Renewables get paid UAH 3 bln from Ukrenergo bond

This confirms our view that S&P’s December rating move was ill-grounded, the rating could be upgraded...

January 24 2022
Metinvest steel prices rose last week

High costs are supporting steel prices, but it is not yet certain that a bottom has been reached...

January 24 2022
Support for Zelensky and Servants of the People dropping

Zelensky is not in a terminal dive, but...

January 24 2022
UK claims that Russia wants regime change in Ukraine

With Zelensky's and the Servant of the People's ratings dropping, it might seem like a good opportunity...

January 21 2022
NBU hikes key policy rate to 10%, worsens macro outlook

Another hike of the NBU's key policy rate is likely...

January 21 2022
Kernel crushing volume drops 2% yoy in 2QFY22

The company’s plan to increase crushing volumes to 3.8 mmt in the full year looks no longer achievable...

January 21 2022
Johnson, Scholz talk on Ukraine as Blinken and FMs meet in Berlin

Achieving and maintaining unity is very difficult in the face of unrealized threats...

January 21 2022
Stingers, Javelins, helicopters, maybe ships headed to Ukraine

Stinger anti-aircraft missiles are not designed to protect cities...

January 20 2022
Blinken urges unity on Ukraine while presidents go off-message

A weakness for the allies is the ease with which the different actors and politicians can stray from the common message...

January 20 2022
Court refuses to detain Poroshenko, recognizes him as suspect in treason case

Both sides got the maximum they could have counted on...

January 20 2022
Metinvest drops plans to construct rolling mill in Italian region

Metinvest is well-positioned for collaborative investments after amending certain terms and conditions of its notes...

January 20 2022
COVID situation quickly deteriorating in Ukraine

The rapid rises of COVID cases in oblasts such as Ivano-Frankivsk presents a puzzle...

January 19 2022
Blinken and Lavrov talk, agree to meet

While tensions are very high, this is likely to be a steady state for a short time...

January 19 2022
MinFin raises UAH 4 bln at local bond auction

Next week, the government receipts are likely to be very low...

January 19 2022
Kernel announces tender to repurchase up to 4.68% of its shares

Kernel has a good chance of executing this tender as its share price has dropped recently...

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