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January 22 2019
Gas contract talks with Gazprom bring no result

The only way for the Ukrainian side to secure transit of Russian gas in 2020 is to ...

January 22 2019
Retail trade in Ukraine increases 6.1% in 2018

We expect real retail to increase 6-7% yoy in 2019, to be driven by...

January 22 2019
OSCE denies proposing joint UN peacekeeping mission

...the Ukrainian side is trying to demonstrate that it’s doing all it can...

January 22 2019
Candidate Vilkul promises to end armed fighting in Donbas

Vilkul said he will halt the armed fighting in Donbas in the first days of his presidency...

January 21 2019
Kernel crushing volumes fall 6.5% yoy in 1H FY19

Its grain sales nearly tripled yoy to 5.86 mmt ...

January 21 2019
Ukrainian Railway recognized as dominant on freight railcar market

The key risk from the latest decision is a return to the regulation of railcar rent...

January 21 2019
DTEK Energy coal mining rises 5% in 2018

DTEK Energy produced 24.13 mmt of hard steam coal in 2018...

January 21 2019
Zelenskiy has active business in Russia, despite claims

Zelenskiy can be discredited by his rivals as a standard politician who is merely pursuing...

January 21 2019
People’s Front expels MP for election stunt

The People’s Front party decided to expel from its parliamentary faction Yuriy Tymoshenko...

January 18 2019
NBU head sees grounds for softening monetary policy

It is quite unexpected to hear such an optimistic NBU statement...

January 18 2019
Astarta grain output rises 35%, sugar output falls 24% in 2018

The bumper grain harvest will be supportive for...

January 18 2019
Rada approves legal mechanism to join new canonical church

As part of the president’s re-election effort, hundreds of parishes will engage in the process of joining ...

January 18 2019
Presidential visit has signs of elections violations, observer says

As relatively minor as these violations were, Poroshenko’s Jan. 16 visit doesn’t inspire confidence...

January 17 2019
Ukraine includes 16 firms in 2019 "big privatization" list

The list includes Centrenergo, five power DisCos, Odesa Portside, President-Hotel...

January 17 2019
OSCE advocating joint UN peacekeeping in Donbas, Klimkin says

We expect there won’t be any peacekeeping mission in Donbas in the next...

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