Tent city protest at Ukraine parliament enters fourth week

14 November 2017

The tent city protest blocking the street in front of Ukraine’s parliament enters its fourth week today. Several hundred protesters held a rally on Nov. 12 at St. Michael’s Square in central Kyiv demanded that parliament adopt an impeachment procedure and legislation to establish an independent anti-corruption court. “We’ll give them until Dec. 3,” said former Odesa regional administration head Mikheil Saakashvili, among the protest’s leaders, as reported by the pravda.com.ua news site. “If they don’t approve (the bills), we’ll gather the people and declare a ‘people’s impeachment’.”


Later that day, Saakashvili added that the “people’s impeachment” will apply to “the president and the government altogether.” In further comments, Saaskashvili insisted that he was aiming for “an upheaval of the consciousness, not an upheaval of the state.” Among the protest’s leaders were MPs Yuriy Derevianko, Yuriy Levchenko and Serhiy Leshchenko, a member of the Poroshenko Bloc but outspoken critic of the president.


Zenon Zawada: The tent city protest will continue until the first week of December, at minimum. The government seems to have taken the approach of leaving it alone, in the hope that it will lose momentum and become an irrelevant distraction on the political landscape. For the protest to maintain its relevance, it needs a political or social event to rally the public around. We believe the parliament has been avoiding a vote on any critical matters, including the law on reintegrating Donbas, for the very purpose of avoiding giving the protest renewed momentum. In the meantime, the protest leaders will be on the lookout for a new cause to rally around.