Father of jailed son held in Nozdrovska slaying

10 January 2018

Yuryy Rossoshanskyy, the father of Dmytro Rossoshanskyy, has been arrested for the murder of the lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska, RFE/RL reports. The elder Rossoshanskyy threatened Nozdrovska in public at a Dec. 27 court hearing in which his son’s appeal of his 7-year prison sentence for killing Nozdrovska’s sister in a drunk driving accident was denied. Iryna Nozdrovska disappeared on Dec. 29 and the incident has raised international attention to the state of Ukraine’s judiciary as Dmytro Rossoshanskyy is the nephew of a Kyiv Oblast district judge.


Yuryy Rossoshanskyy has admitted to killing Iryna Nozdrovska. However, Ukrayinska Pravda reports that her lawyer, Oleksandr Panchenko, has called for a thorough investigation of her killing given his doubts that Yuryy acted alone. He pointed to the unlikely prospect of the 64 year-old defendant carrying Nozdrovska’s body for a kilometer and a half on his own.


James Hydzik: The Nozdrovska case will continue to attract attention inside Ukraine and out. Despite the issues with the judiciary that have not been reformed by the Poroshenko administration, we hold that a high profile case such as the murder could provide an opportunity for the government to show that it can properly handle justice, even without changing the status quo.