Ukraine officers arrest Russian-backed terrorist suspect

11 January 2019

Officers with the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) arrested a Ukrainian citizen on Jan. 10 for planning terrorist acts under the direction of Russian intelligence services, the press service of Operation Joint Forces reported that day on Facebook. Between August and January, the suspect was observed acquitting grenades and pistols at a value of USD 5,250. He gave USD 600 to an undercover agent to harm a third person. He was arrested during his latest purchase of pistols.


“It was established that citizen K conspired with yet-to-be established individuals and cleared his actions with (Russian) FSB agents with the goal of physical support for opposition political forces by means of committing terrorists acts and mass riots on Ukrainian territory during presidential elections in Ukraine,” the press service reported. The arrest was made under the direction of the military prosecutors of the Mariupol garrison.


Zenon Zawada: This arrest confirms our view that the Russian government will be particularly active this year in destabilizing Ukraine during elections, with the aim of provoking disintegration processes for statehood. There is already evidence that the FSB is actively cultivating numerous Ukrainian citizens, and entire sleeper cells, to provoke riots and armed rebellions.


We believe the most opportune time will be when the leading presidential contenders won’t be able to agree on election results after the second-round run off on April 21 (that is, if elections are held at all). We are confident that leading candidate Yulia Tymoshenko won’t recognize a declared victory for President Petro Poroshenko, and Poroshenko won’t recognize a Tymoshenko victory. The Russians will be eager to stimulate and capitalize on the ensuing chaos.

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