Experts selecting Ukraine anti-corruption judges

11 January 2019

Thirty-two candidates were vetoed this week by the public council of international experts to select the judges to Ukraine’s High Anti-Corruption Court, according to the news site. A total of 113 judges have applied to serve on the independent court whose creation was demanded by the IMF. Thirty-nine judges will be selected for the anti-corruption court, 12 of which to the appellate chamber. The final candidates will be decided on a joint session of the public council and Higher Qualifications Commission of Judges.


Zenon Zawada: It’s positive that the process of forming the independent court is underway. However, a bigger threat to the court’s functioning is the current conflict between the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which discredits the legitimacy of these IMF-sponsored institutions in the eyes of the public. It’s negative that President Poroshenko and Prosecutor General Lutsenko have been in conflict with the anti-corruption bureau, and has failed to preserve the sanctity of both the bureau and specialized prosecutor’s office.

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