DTEK Energy boosts coal mining 0.4% in 1Q19

15 April 2019

Ukraine’s leading coal and power holding DTEK Energy (DTEKUA) produced 5.78 mmt of raw steam coal in 1Q19, Concorde Capital calculated based on sector-wide data provided by Interfax-Ukraine on Apr. 12. This is 0.4% more yoy. The increase was a result of a 2.2x jump in mining at its Bilozerska mine (to 0.25 mmt), while production at the holding’s biggest asset, Pavlogradcoal, slid 2.0% yoy to 4.74 mmt. Ukraine’s total production of steam coal decreased 3.1% yoy to 6.54 mmt in 1Q19, with DTEK’s share reached 88% (from 85%  a year before).


In March alone, DTEK Energy produced 2.05 mmt of coal. This is 3.6% less yoy, 0.6% more than February (on an average daily basis) and 89% of Ukraine’s total steam coal production.


Alexander Paraschiy: The result is in line with our expectation that DTEK Energy will boost its coal mining by 1-2% yoy in 2019. That should be enough to cover DTEK’s power plants’ needs of hard steam coal in 2019. We maintain our neutral view on DTEKUA Eurobonds.

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