Large-scale anti-corruption dismissals announced at state bodies

3 December 2019

More than 500 customs agents will be dismissed as part of the current campaign to reset the State Customs Service as a new structure, agency head Max Nefyodov said in an interview with Ukrainian radio broadcast on Dec. 1. Corruption will merely continue in customs without a quality renewal of personnel, Nefyodov said. “Of course, it will help to coordinate and centralize certain processes. But what’s not less important is that this is both a technical and tactical decision to renew the leadership. I absolutely do not trust people who created this system for 20 years that obviously doesn’t satisfy neither us, as taxpayers, nor politicians,” he said. Nefyodov added, “Without the dismissal of at least 500 old personnel who stained themselves is a mere imitation of reforms, to be honest. I certainly won’t imitate reforms.”


About 15 high-ranking officials have been dismissed from the Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Ministry, minister Tymofiy Mylovanov reported on his Facebook page on Nov. 25. “The resetting of government,” he wrote, estimating the dismissals eliminating 50% of the ministry’s leading officials. A week earlier, Mylovanov announced the dismissal of 47 state enterprise directors and Category A state officials. “We have clear criteria: financial results, fulfilling KPIs and tasks, reputation, and teamwork,” he wrote on his Facebook page.


Zenon Zawada: These are impressive efforts as mass dismissals are certainly necessary for true reforms. The majority of Ukrainians will support such dismissals. It’s already rumored that those dismissed will be forming a new political party under a slogan bearing the message, “Experience matters when serving in government.” However, such campaigns won’t have much support from the general public, which is fed up by corruption.

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