Metinvest steel output drops 12% m/m in December

14 January 2022

Steel production at Ukraine’s largest producer Metinvest (METINV) was 27.4 kt per day (850 kt per month) in December, a 12.5% m/m decrease, according to Concorde Capital’s analysis of separate news reports by Interfax-Ukraine.


Ilyich Steel reported a 0.5% m/m loss in steel production to 11.6 kt per day, while Azovstal’s output dropped 16.0% m/m to 10.6 kt per day and production at Dniprovskyy Coke plunged 26.3% m/m to 5.2 kt per day in December.


The holding's hot iron output dropped 15.2% m/m to 28.0 kt per day in December.


In 2021, Metinvest's steel output was 9.51 mmt (26.1 kt per day), or 15.3% more yoy.


Dmytro Khoroshun: Steel production volumes at Metinvest will amount to at least 29-30 kt per day in the coming months, we continue to expect.


The December drop in hot iron and steel production below this level was disappointing, but we currently see no reason for the underperformance to extend.


In particular, we do not think that any deficit of coking coal was a significant factor, because production of dry blast furnace coke at the four producers Metinvest consolidates (Avdiivka Coke, Azovstal, Zaporizhcoke and Dniprovskyy Coke) amounted to 12.3 kt per day in December, we calculate from Metal Expert and Interfax-Ukraine data. This is only 1% below the November level and about 13% above the September-October levels, when Metinvest likely experienced a deficit of coking coal. Including the fifth producer Yuzhkoks, a Metinvest associate, coke production in December was 13.9 kt of dry blast furnace coke per day, unchanged m/m, we estimate.


Nevertheless, Ukraine’s chronic dependence on imported coking coal, particularly on supplies from Russia, is a permanent risk factor for the country’s iron and steel producers.

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