Stingers, Javelins, helicopters, maybe ships headed to Ukraine

21 January 2022

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace told the Daily Mail on Jan. 19 that the U.K. was considering adding to the 2,000 anti-tank missiles that the MoD had sent to Ukraine this week. The news came as the U.S. announced permission for the Baltic States to sell U.S. made military hardware to Ukraine. The hardware includes Javelin anti-tank and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.


The U.S. also announced the approval of USD 200 mln in emergency military aid for Ukraine. The aid includes five helicopters previously destined for Afghanistan and which were in Ukraine for servicing, which on Jan. 20 quoted a State Department official as saying that it’s “the fastest transfer ever”.


At the same time, the Daily Mail reported on Dec. 19 that six landing ships from Russia’s Northern and Baltic fleets had passed south through the English Channel. The ships’ destination is not known, though the Russian military has announced that its upcoming exercises would include operations in the Mediterranean Sea.


James Hydzik: Buried in the news is that among the arms being sent are Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. These fill a gap on the battlefield, have been proven useful in insurgencies, and will be welcome, but they’re not designed to protect cities. Recent Russian saber-rattling has included talk of a Syria-style bombing campaign, so the need to protect urban centers is not just a thought exercise.

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