UK claims that Russia wants regime change in Ukraine

24 January 2022

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss stated on Jan. 22 that Russia was looking for ways to install a government under pro-Russian former parliament member Yevhen Murayev. Few details of how this would unfold were given. Russia’s foreign ministry tweeted a denial. National Security and Defense Council advisor Mykhailo Podoliak stated that, "there is no doubt in Kyiv that the British government understands absolutely clearly, in detail, in personalities, what is happening in Ukraine," reported on Jan. 23.


James Hydzik: Analysts are connecting the possibility of an attempt at civil unrest followed by regime change with the announcement that China expects the traditional Olympic truce to be observed. Bloomberg noted that this truce would extend from roughly Jan. 28 to Mar. 20. During this time, and especially while Putin is in Beijing for the games, the probability of increased military confrontation may be lower. However, with the world’s attention drawn to the Olympics, attempts to foment unrest and displeasure with the Zelensky government in particular could increase at little cost. With Zelensky's and the Servant of the People's ratings dropping, it might seem like a good opportunity. However, with European Solidarity gaining recognition as the true opposition party in Ukraine, support for Murayev or any other pro-Moscow politician is dropping.

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