Biden warns that “US is prepared” regarding Ukraine

16 February 2022

U.S. president Joe Biden gave remarks on the situation with Russia and Ukraine on Feb. 15. In the remarks, Biden stated that the U.S. was prepared for whatever happened, from diplomacy to a Russian attack, according to the transcript from Biden explained that there could be a cost to the U.S. economically. He also pointed out that the Russian military had announced a partial pull-back, but that it had not been confirmed. ”Indeed, our analysts indicate that they remain very much in a threatening position,” Biden stated.


Biden also spoke to the people of Russia, stating that the U.S. is not their enemy. Furthermore, unlike in WWII, when the Soviet peoples and the U.S. fought side by side in a war of necessity, this is a war of choice. “The world will not forget that Russia chose needless death and destruction,” he said.


Biden closed with a warning to all concerned: “If we do not stand for freedom where it is at risk today, we’ll surely pay a steeper price tomorrow.”


James Hydzik: Biden’s words will reach very few in Russia. In the U.S., it should resonate with centrists in both parties, but more radical nationalist or isolationist politicians might find its position almost irrelevant. For Ukrainians, it’s the culmination to date of support that has seen unprecedented quantities of defensive weaponry arrive. Intelligence gathering over Ukraine has taken on new proportions, thus preventing “little green men” from sprouting.