Ukrainian government mulls severing diplomatic ties with Russia

22 February 2022

The Ukrainian government is considering the severing of diplomatic relations with Russian, president Volodymyr Zelensky stated on Feb. 22. Speaking at a press conference with the president of Estonia, Zelensky told reporters that he had received the request from the Foreign Ministry and that the matter would be considered “after the press conference.” Russia has responded by stating that it does not see a need to sever relations, and that it is the Ukrainian government’s prerogative.


Zelensky has spoken with the leaders of Ukraine’s allies and has called for the total cessation of the Nord Stream II pipeline certification.


Zelensky also said that the government of Ukraine still does not expect a full invasion. If that were to occur, then martial law would be imposed across Ukraine, but only if that happened.


James Hydzik: Germany’s withdrawal of the energy security report may not be the “Nord Stream bomb” that Zelensky wanted, and Scholz admitted as much by claiming that, “it might seem like a small thing”. However, this is the energy security document, and Zelensky can use this withdrawal as a hammar later.


The Ukrainian and U.S. governments are still offering different scenarios regarding an all-out attack. The U.S. needs to be alarmist, and point to every avenue of attack.


Zelensky, though, needs to show the same leadership as he did during the Munich Security Conference, when he won praise even from his domestic political opponents. Excellent speeches are a vital part of this, and there is an outcry for leadership. Action that will convince increasingly nervous investors will be required, including in the anti-corruption field, where appointments are waiting.