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January 15 2008
Kherson Refinery To Become Non-Public?

The State Securities and Exchange Commission (SSEC) recently registered a $56.3 mln share issue by the Closed (i.e., non-public) Join-Stock Company (CJSC) “Kherson Oil Refinery”.

January 14 2008
Industrial Output Climbs 10.2% in 2007 yoy

The State Statistics Committee reported that industrial output rose 10.2% yoy in 2007. The most significant contributors to the growth were machinery (+28.6% yoy), food (+10% yoy), metallurgy (+8.3% yoy), and chemical (+6.2% yoy).

January 14 2008
Naftogaz to Purchase 3.46 bcm of Gas Not Sold By Ukrnafta in 2006-07

The Cabinet has allowed Naftogaz of Ukraine, Ukrnafta's (UNAF: U/R) majority shareholder, to purchase 3.46 bcm of natural gas not sold by the company during 2006-07.

January 14 2008
Oil & Condensate Production Decreases 1.9% yoy in 2007, Gas Output Down 1.2%

The Ministry of Fuel and Energy reported that Ukraine's oil & condensate output decreased by 1.9% yoy in 2007, to 4.4 mln mt (32.3 mln bbl) in 2007.

January 14 2008
Case on Dniproenergo’s Additional Share Issue to be Heard on Jan. 16

The High Economic Court suspended a decision by the Zaporizhya Appellate Economic Court that recognized Dniproenergo’s (DNEN: HOLD) additional share issue as invalid.

January 14 2008
Ukrsotsbank’s Net Income up 26% yoy in 2007

According to Interfax, Ukrsotsbank (USCB: BUY) said that it raised its net income by 26% yoy to UAH 362 mln (USD 71.7 mln) in 2007.

January 14 2008
Oranta to Increase Charter Fund by 341% over 2008

According to Ukrainian News, citing Oranta Insurance (SORN: N/R) chairman Oleh Spilka said the company is planning to increase its charter fund by 341% to UAH 194 mln (USD 38.4 mln) over the course of 2008.

January 14 2008
Astarta to Buy 10% of Leased Land in 2008 if Moratorium Lifted

Astarta (AST PW: N/R) said Friday that it plans to acquire 13 ths ha of land that it leases (about 10% of land the company currently leases) in 2008 if the moratorium on land sales is abolished.

January 13 2008
Ridna Marka Corporation To Increase Beer Production Threefold To 10 mln dal By 2007.

In 2007 the corporation plans to launch a third production line for wheat beer at the Radomyshl beer and non-alcoholic beverages plant. In addition to OJSC Radomyshl, the Ridna Marka Corporation also includes the managing company MST Region and the distribution company Ridna Marka.

January 13 2008
Coke Production Down 14.3% In 2005.

Only Alchevsk Coke increased its output last year. And production by ZaporizhCoke underwent only a slight reduction.

January 13 2008
Poltava GOK To Increase Charter Fund By 4.9%.

This issue is on the agenda of the company's February 28, 2006 AGM. According to the agenda, the first stage of subscription for the additionally issued shares will take place from April 10 to April 24, 2006, and the second - from April 25 to April 26, 2006. Share issue proceeds will comprise USD 10.65 mln. Another issue on the agenda will be the approval of the subscription results for an earlier share issue voted for on April 22, 2005, which increased the company's charter fund by 34.7%.

January 13 2008
Coal Extraction Down 2.8% yoy In 2005.

In 2005, 77 mln gross mt of coal was extracted, and 57 mln mt was shipped to consumers. Energy coal production increased by 5.4% yoy, however, the slight overall decline in output was due to a drop in the amount of coking coal, which was down 12.4% yoy.

January 13 2008
Conventional Thermal Electricity Producers Decrease Gas Use By 28%?

According to information from the Fuel and Energy Ministry, Ukrainian TPPs and CHPPs cut their gas consumption by 28% yoy during the first ten days of January. To compensate they increased their use of coal by 28%.

January 13 2008
Energoatom Announces Production Results For 2005.

The nuclear power plants operated by Energoatom, increased electricity production by 2% yoy to 88.78 TWh. The company slightly decreased its share in total Ukrainian electricity output (from 48.0% to 47.9%), and decreased its total capacity load from 81.4% in 2004 to 75%.

January 13 2008
Azovmash Equips Ukraine's Steel Mills.

Azovmash, the managing company for Mariupol Heavy Machinery (MZVM: BUY) and Azovzahalmash (AZGM: BUY) announced that they had completed production of equipment for Alchevsk Iron & Steel (ALMK: BUY) for EUR 4 mln, and planned to make equipment for the same company for an additional USD 2.6 mln this year. Azovmash also is working on equipment for DMK Dzerzhynskogo for USD 10 mln in 2006. The orders of Alchevsk Iron & Steel are connected to the steel mill?s plans to increase its steel production capacity and reconstruction of its blast furnace.

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