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February 18 2022
State Property Fund head dismissed with second attempt

...it is likely that the privatization process in Ukraine will become slower

February 18 2022
Rada approves bill on virtual assets accepting president remarks

The bill was first approved in September, but later was vetoed...

February 18 2022
Support for joining NATO, EU at all time highs in Ukraine

Hard power on the part of Russia has not won it many friends in Ukraine...

February 17 2022
Supreme Court allows Naftogaz supervisory board to dismiss Vitrenko

Vitrenko won't be dismissed as there is nobody to implement the NACP’s prescription...

February 17 2022
Shellings in Luhansk region prompt questions on sanctions

The shelling comes amid claims and counterclaims regarding Russian troop movements...

February 17 2022
Black and Azov seas are listed waters for insurance underwriters

The Joint War Committee included both the Azov Sea and the Black Sea into its listed waters category...

February 16 2022
MinFin bond auction receipts plummet to UAH 66 mln

... after raising the total equivalent of UAH 2.1 bln last week.

February 16 2022
Biden warns that “US is prepared” regarding Ukraine

For Ukrainians, it’s the culmination to date of support that has seen unprecedented...

February 16 2022
Cabinet appoints NABU head selection commission, with conditions

No doubt that the government will be doing all its best to appoint “dependent” figures...

February 16 2022
Russia claims that maneuvers done, troops leaving Crimea

Stoltenberg stated on Feb. 16 that no reduction in troop levels had been detected...

February 15 2022
U.S., Canada, Germany promise almost USD 1.6 bln financial support for Ukraine

The support promises released over the last week amount to about USD 1.8 bln ...

February 15 2022
Cabinet undermines NABU head selection process, Shabunin alleges

The questionable validity of the NABU director selection commission is expedient for power brokers...

February 15 2022
Ukraine 2021 goods trade deficit reaches USD 4.7 bln

In 2022, goods trade deficit will enlarge...

February 15 2022
Cabinet proposes own natural gas royalty rates

For prices higher than USD 300/tcm, the rates are higher...

February 15 2022
Ferrexpo appoints North permanent CEO

North has been acting CEO at Ferrexpo since May 2020...

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