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September 14 2021
Zelensky brings ambassadors and judges together on reform

The meeting will focus on the failure of the Council of Judges to elect members of the Ethics Council...

September 14 2021
Ukraine PM expects IMF, EU loans in late 2021

Shmyhal rules out a negative result from the IMF's review mission...

September 14 2021
Ukraine introduces new COVID options for businesses

About 56% of Ukrainians still did not want to get a COVID vaccine...

September 13 2021
Cabinet creates crisis management team for Ukrainian Railways

An illustration of poor corporate governance practices in Ukraine rather than a company-specific issue...

September 13 2021
Metinvest steel prices mixed last week

Ukraine FOB steel prices might stabilize in the short term following steel prices in China...

September 13 2021
Belarusian-Russian union theoretically possible, says Peskov

Polarization in the region is increasing, thus increasing political risk...

September 13 2021
Kuleba claims the EU is not ready for Ukraine

For the ministry’s leader to, essentially, whine, does not help their work...

September 10 2021
U.S. State Department expresses concern at Naftogaz board resignation

A key question is whether the company will be able to refinance its USD 335 mln Eurobond maturing in ten months...

September 10 2021
NBU hikes key policy rate to 8.5%

Hopefully, this will draw the primary local bond market out of its current lethargy...

September 10 2021
Ukraine consumer inflation stays at 10.2% in August

We expect consumer inflation to strengthen in September, then it’s likely to cool...

September 10 2021
Metinvest steel output rose 1% m/m in August

Metinvest will continue to produce steel at daily rates of at least 23-24 kt at its two Mariupol plants...

September 9 2021
MHP EBITDA jumps 52% yoy in 1H21

MHP’s USD 600 mln EBITDA guidance in 2021 (up 52% yoy) is realistic now...

September 9 2021
Rada approves bill on virtual assets

Such a bill, if comes into force, might create new segments in financial markets and contribute to official economic growth...

September 9 2021
DTEK Energy coal mining falls 11% in 8M21

The holding will have to significantly increase coal imports in the rest of the year, unless its coal mining recovers...

September 9 2021
Zelensky’s US trip a success, say 48% of Ukrainians

The rise in support for Zelensky at the very beginning of September follows also an Independence Day celebration...

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