Martial law in Ukraine: business will resume as usual. 29 Nov. 5pp
Hryvnia prospects: The end of the shocks era. 12 Oct. 24pp
Mriya restructuring: A recovery that doesn't inspire. 03 Oct. 9pp
Ukraine 2019 budget: Make it good and fast. 28 Sept. 4pp
ULF & Avangardco: Analyzing debt recovery options. 04 July 2018. 21pp
Interpipe: Operating activity rebounding ... 11 Apr. 2018. 7pp
Metinvest: Deal announced – negotiations to begin. 21 Mar. 2018. 5pp
Metinvest: Speculative Buy on expectations of a deal. 01 Mar. 2018. 19pp
Ukraine economy: Recovery on track, IMF deal is crucial... 07 Feb. 2018. 16pp
Metinvest: Strong commodity prices imply high risk... 26 Sept. 2017. 8pp
Ukraine State Budget 2018 Note. 25 Sept. 2017. 4pp
Ukraine Politics: Open window before the storm. 21 Sept. 2017. 14pp
JKX Oil & Gas: Fighting to survive after losing... 14 Aug. 2017. 10pp
Ukraine Economy: ...not enough fat to get through 2020. 21 Jul. 2017. 15pp
ULF and Avangardco: A history of inefficient ... 09 June 2017. 12pp

Daily News

January 22 2019
Gas contract talks with Gazprom bring no result

The only way for the Ukrainian side to secure transit of Russian gas in 2020 is to ...

January 22 2019
Retail trade in Ukraine increases 6.1% in 2018

We expect real retail to increase 6-7% yoy in 2019, to be driven by...

January 22 2019
OSCE denies proposing joint UN peacekeeping mission

...the Ukrainian side is trying to demonstrate that it’s doing all it can...

January 22 2019
Candidate Vilkul promises to end armed fighting in Donbas

Vilkul said he will halt the armed fighting in Donbas in the first days of his presidency...

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Jan 24
4Q18 trading update
Jan 30
USD 354 mln local sov'n bond repayment
Jan 31
USD 21.9 mln coupon
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