Interpipe: Operating activity rebounding ... 11 Apr. 2018. 7pp
Metinvest: Deal announced – negotiations to begin. 21 Mar. 2018. 5pp
Metinvest: Speculative Buy on expectations of a deal. 01 Mar. 2018. 19pp
Ukraine economy: Recovery on track, IMF deal is crucial... 07 Feb. 2018. 16pp
Metinvest: Strong commodity prices imply high risk... 26 Sept. 2017. 8pp
Ukraine State Budget 2018 Note. 25 Sept. 2017. 4pp
Ukraine Politics: Open window before the storm. 21 Sept. 2017. 14pp
JKX Oil & Gas: Fighting to survive after losing... 14 Aug. 2017. 10pp
Ukraine Economy: ...not enough fat to get through 2020. 21 Jul. 2017. 15pp
ULF and Avangardco: A history of inefficient ... 09 June 2017. 12pp
Ukrainian Eurobonds: Top picks update 26 Apr. 2017. 13pp
Metinvest & DTEK: Risks from railroad blockade 22 Feb. 2017. 9pp
METINV: Restructuring terms imply FV of 100. 02 Feb. 2017. 9pp
Privatbank: is there any value left in Eurobonds? 27 Dec. 2016. 11 pp
Privatbank nationalization - Top questions. 19 Dec. 2016. 4 pp

Daily News

June 22 2018
Rada approves bill stipulating creation of anti-corruption court

With this vote, parliament fulfilled just one of the two items of IMF's...

June 22 2018
Ukraine parliament adopts law on currency operations

This is another important step towards ForEx market liberalization...

June 22 2018
Metinvest iron ore concentrate output drops 5% m/m in May

In 5M18, Metinvest’s attributable output of iron ore concentrate rose 0.7% yoy...

June 22 2018
Ukraine parliament approves national security and defense law

Alexander Vershbow, the former NATO deputy secretary general, called upon NATO to extend Ukraine its ...

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Jul 5
2Q18 trading update
Jul 12
NBU to consider revision of key rate
Jul 18
2Q18 trading update
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