Cabinet reshuffle: IMF deal under threat. 06 Mar. 8 pp
ULF & Avangardco: Under pressure. 25 Nov. 9 pp
Centrenergo: Turbulent times ahead. 20 Sept. 8pp
Fixed Income: Fine selection between the elections. 14 May. 48pp
2019 Presidential Elections: Implications ... scenarios. 28 March. 7pp
Elections - Implications for FI universe. 19 March. 22pp
Martial law in Ukraine: business will resume as usual. 29 Nov. 5pp
Hryvnia prospects: The end of the shocks era. 12 Oct. 24pp
Mriya restructuring: A recovery that doesn't inspire. 03 Oct. 9pp
Ukraine 2019 budget: Make it good and fast. 28 Sept. 4pp
ULF & Avangardco: Analyzing debt recovery options. 04 July 2018. 21pp
Interpipe: Operating activity rebounding ... 11 Apr. 2018. 7pp
Metinvest: Deal announced – negotiations to begin. 21 Mar. 2018. 5pp
Metinvest: Speculative Buy on expectations of a deal. 01 Mar. 2018. 19pp
Ukraine economy: Recovery on track, IMF deal is crucial... 07 Feb. 2018. 16pp

Daily News

April 7 2020
IMF-required banking law draws over 16,000 amendments

Some new approach is needed to speed up the bill's approval...

April 7 2020
U.K. Supreme Court rejects latest appeal by Privatbank former owners

Now Privatbank claim to its former owners will be heard in London...

April 7 2020
Ferrexpo daily pellet output plunges 21% m/m in March

In 1Q20, Ferrexpo’s pellet output increased 7.4% ...

April 7 2020
Slowing infection rate proves quarantine effectiveness, Zelensky says

A recent poll indicated that the public supports the government’s response to the pandemic...

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