Macro & FI Strategy: Nothing to complain about … except the war. 14 Nov'23. 39 pp
Macro & FI Strategy: Resilient Economy, Responsible Corporate Issuers. 08 May'23. 37 pp
Macro & FI Strategy: More Light Ahead. 23 Dec'22. 27 pp
Macro & FI strategy: Things Are Getting Better. 30 Sep'22. 26 pp.
Ukraine Macro & FI Strategy: War Economy. 16 Aug'22. 49 pp
Zelensky vs. Akhmetov: Another One Bites. 08 Dec'21. 9 pp
Privatbank Eurobonds: New hearing ahead. 04 Feb. 9 pp
Ukraine economy in 2021: Bounce ... 28 Dec. 11 pp
Ukraine debt: No cheap solutions ... 09 Oct. 14 pp
Cabinet reshuffle: IMF deal under threat. 06 Mar. 8 pp
ULF & Avangardco: Under pressure. 25 Nov. 9 pp
Centrenergo: Turbulent times ahead. 20 Sept. 8pp
Fixed Income: Fine selection between the elections. 14 May. 48pp
2019 Presidential Elections: Implications ... scenarios. 28 March. 7pp
Elections - Implications for FI universe. 19 March. 22pp

Daily News

February 23 2022
Separatists may claim entire territories of two Ukrainian regions

Putin’s statement increases the risk of aggression against Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine...

February 23 2022
U.K. to provide USD 500 mln loan guarantee for Ukraine as IMF mission starts

Ukraine has been already promised to get over USD 4.0 bln in the last month...

February 23 2022
MinFin bond auction receipts jump to UAH 3.5 bln

It was likely just the sale of the bonds to a predetermined list...

February 23 2022
Ukraine retail trade jumps 18% in January

The growth was mostly the result of the low comparative base...

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