Metinvest: Deal announced – negotiations to begin. 21 Mar. 2018. 5pp
Metinvest: Speculative Buy on expectations of a deal. 01 Mar. 2018. 19pp
Ukraine economy: Recovery on track, IMF deal is crucial... 07 Feb. 2018. 16pp
Metinvest: Strong commodity prices imply high risk... 26 Sept. 2017. 8pp
Ukraine State Budget 2018 Note. 25 Sept. 2017. 4pp
Ukraine Politics: Open window before the storm. 21 Sept. 2017. 14pp
JKX Oil & Gas: Fighting to survive after losing... 14 Aug. 2017. 10pp
Ukraine Economy: ...not enough fat to get through 2020. 21 Jul. 2017. 15pp
ULF and Avangardco: A history of inefficient ... 09 June 2017. 12pp
Ukrainian Eurobonds: Top picks update 26 Apr. 2017. 13pp
Metinvest & DTEK: Risks from railroad blockade 22 Feb. 2017. 9pp
METINV: Restructuring terms imply FV of 100. 02 Feb. 2017. 9pp
Privatbank: is there any value left in Eurobonds? 27 Dec. 2016. 11 pp
Privatbank nationalization - Top questions. 19 Dec. 2016. 4 pp
Fixed Income Strategy - The last bets of the restructuring wave 29 Nov.2016. 57pp

Daily News

December 3 2021
Rada approves 2022 state budget with 3.5% of GDP deficit

It looks like the era of the “fight for the budget” is over...

December 3 2021
Prosecutor General to personally join investigations related to Akhmetov assets

Our base-case scenario remains that Akhmetov and Zelensky will find common ground - sometime in 2022...

December 3 2021
Energy Ministry initiates law on temporary administration on electricity companies

We see the likelihood of its approval as low...

December 3 2021
Rada hikes steel scrap export duty to EUR 180/t

A major positive for Interpipe (INTHOL), which might save up to USD 100 mln per year as a result...

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Dec 9
NBU to consider revision of key rate
Dec 17
EUR 8.4 mln coupon on 2025 notes
Dec 20
GDP statistics for 3Q21
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