Ukraine local elections - On the Western course. 09 November 2015. Z. Zawada. 12 pp
Valuating the debt operation’s value recovery instrument. 12 October 2015. A. Paraschiy 22 pp
Recovery prospects for a bottomed out economy. 01 October 2015. A.Paraschiy 12 pp
Ukraine announces more details on Eurobond restructuring. 24 September 2015. A. Paraschiy 3 pp
Concorde Capital investment company will host a conference, “The Ukrainian Recipe: Reforms, Privatisation, Recovery” in London on Sept. 21.
Ukrainian Eurobonds Update - Restructuring Time Again. 15 Jun 2015. A.Paraschiy 56pp.
Kernel - Buy on strong farming ... 27 May 2014. R.Topolyuk 9pp.
Metinvest - Get ready for hard talk. 28 Apr. 2015. R.Topolyuk 7pp.
Ukraine Debt Operation - Update Note. 22 Mar. 2015. A.Paraschiy 3pp.
Ukrainian Eurobonds - Strategy Update. 26 Mar 2015. A.Paraschiy 53pp.
Ukraine’s debt operation - ... purposes are unclear. 19 Mar. 2015. A.Paraschiy 5pp.
MHPSA'15 - An IFC refusal would need exceptionally strong arguments. 11 Mar. 2015. R.Topolyuk 6pp.
FXPOLN - Restructuring to avoid liquidity gaps in 2016. 17 Feb 2015. R.Topolyuk 10pp.
IMF Deal and Minsk Accords - Keeping hope alive. 13 Feb.2015. A.Paraschiy 5pp
Sovereign restructuring? - We aren’t believers. 29 January 2015. A.Paraschiy 3 pp

Daily News

July 20 2018
NBU estimates Ukraine GDP growth at 3.2% yoy in 2Q18

The NBU is being consistent that the current tight monetary policy will have a negative impact on economic growth in 2019...

July 20 2018
NBU estimates round tripping investment of FDI at 10% in 2017

Ukraine has been of even less interest for foreign investors than it appeared in general statistics...

July 19 2018
Metinvest cash jumps to USD 643 mln in April, EBITDA rises 3% m/m

The huge increase in Metinvest’s cash balance emphasizes the risk of Metinvest deciding to pay dividends...

July 19 2018
Metinvest iron ore concentrate output drops 3% m/m in June

We expect Metinvest’s 2018 attributable iron ore concentrate output to rise by up to 2% yoy to 32.0-32.5 mmt...

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Jul 31
USD 21.9 mln coupon
Aug 2
1H18 interim report
Aug 16
1H18 interim report
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