UNAF Update 04 Apr 2005 A.Gostik
KRAZ Initiating 22 Mar 2005 O.Pankiv
GLNG Initiating 14 Mar 2005 A.Gostik
Oblenergos Initiating 26 Feb 2005 A.Paraschiy
New Government-New Ukraine 22 Feb 2005 M. Bougriy
Pipes 31 Jan 2005 A.Gostik
UTEL Note 27 Jan 2005 A.Paraschiy
Ukrainian Steel. Initiating 04 Jan 2005 V.Koval, K.Fisun
UTEL Initiating Coverage 20 Dec 2004 A.Paraschiy
DNAZ Initiating 15 Dec 2004 M.Bougriy
UNAF Initiating 15 Dec 2004 A.Gostik
UNAF Note 05 Nov 2004 A.Gostik
Presidential Elections 02 Nov 2004 K. Fisun
Ukr. Elections: What's gonna' change 29 Oct 2004
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January 24 2022
DTEK Renewables get paid UAH 3 bln from Ukrenergo bond

This confirms our view that S&P’s December rating move was ill-grounded, the rating could be upgraded...

January 24 2022
Metinvest steel prices rose last week

High costs are supporting steel prices, but it is not yet certain that a bottom has been reached...

January 24 2022
Support for Zelensky and Servants of the People dropping

Zelensky is not in a terminal dive, but...

January 24 2022
UK claims that Russia wants regime change in Ukraine

With Zelensky's and the Servant of the People's ratings dropping, it might seem like a good opportunity...

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2021 trading update
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2021 trading update
Jan 31
Industrial output stats for 2021
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