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September 20 2019
Naftogaz is “moderately optimistic” after Brussels talks with Gazprom

But Naftogaz is prepared for the worst-case scenario better than ever...

September 20 2019
MHP announces redemption of its 2020 Eurobond

The Eurobond redemption date will be Oct. 21 ...

September 20 2019
Suspected Trump, Zelensky deal source of latest Trump-Congress conflict

Trump has tweeted that he hasn’t said anything inappropriate with a foreign leader...

September 19 2019
UkrStat confirms 2Q19 real GDP growth at 4.6%

The acceleration was mostly due to advancement in private consumption, which swelled 11.8% yoy...

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Sep 25
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Oct 1
USD 36.2 mln coupon
Oct 2
USD 3.3 mln coupon on 2020 notes
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